collaborate vs cooperate

collaborate cooperate


  • 1) To work together with others to achieve a common goal.
  • 2) To voluntarily cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one's country.
  • 3) cooperate as a traitor
  • 4) To work with another or others; coöperate with another or others in doing or producing something; especially, to work with another in a literary production or a scientific investigation.
  • 5) To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.
  • 6) To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one's country.
  • 7) to work together with another toward a common goal, especially in an intellectual endeavor.
  • 8) to willingly cooperate with an enemy, especially an enemy nation occupying one's own country.


  • 1) intransitive To engage in economic cooperation.
  • 2) intransitive To allow for mutual unobstructed action
  • 3) intransitive To work or act together, especially for a common purpose or benefit.
  • 4) intransitive To function in harmony, side by side
  • 5) To form an association for common, usually economic, benefit.
  • 6) To work or act together toward a common end or purpose.
  • 7) To acquiesce willingly; be compliant.


  • 1) You must be joking - I'd rather collaborate with a tarantula.
  • 2) `You don't think there may be aspects of this on which we might collaborate, Morris?
  • 3) ‘For that project, they collaborated with Parker and members of her lab.’
  • 4) ‘We thank the Directorate of Health Services, Government of Goa, which has collaborated with the project from its inception.’
  • 5) ‘Both had jointly funded numerous equipment initiatives and had collaborated in many research projects within the university.’
  • 6) ‘Sometimes thousands of miles and a few oceans kept them from collaborating on large-scale projects, but they remained in contact.’
  • 7) ‘Mr Russell said more and more students were collaborating on multimedia projects.’
  • 8) ‘Fourteen of the region's agencies have collaborated to help develop projects.’
  • 9) ‘I once collaborated with Whalley on a book about the Eden Project and can vouch for his attention to detail.’
  • 10) ‘Finally, dietitians also saw their role as collaborating with physical activity professionals.’
  • 11) ‘However, despite its limitations the Council of Europe became involved in many cultural, economic, and scientific activities, and collaborates with various other international organizations including the EU.’
  • 12) ‘Future military operations will tend to require a military that operates jointly, collaborates with other agencies and nations, and flexibly exploits capabilities through agile thinking.’
  • 13) ‘Two laboratories collaborated in this project, one analysing bone marrow cells and the other analysing gut cells from the same animals.’
  • 14) ‘For a time Shahn and Evans collaborated on a film project, unfortunately it was never executed.’
  • 15) ‘Was Transverberations very much a solo project, or have you collaborated with other musicians during the creative process?’
  • 16) ‘He taught for a short period at the Bauhaus, and collaborated on numerous architectural projects.’
  • 17) ‘She has collaborated with countless writers, activists, artists and institutions.’
  • 18) ‘They discovered they worked well together when collaborating on projects for the same clients.’
  • 19) ‘I collaborated with a music video director, brainstorming for storylines and visuals to go with songs.’
  • 20) ‘He has also collaborated with many international musicians on their recordings, including maestro bamboo flute player Deepak Ram.’
  • 21) ‘He has collaborated with the Brazilian Landless Peasants Movement and with Bolivian resistance to a money-swindling dam.’
  • 22) ‘Carol King collaborated with the band on the lyrics.’
  • 23) ‘It also claimed that only a handful of traitors had collaborated with the Nazis.’
  • 24) ‘Is it a hiding place away from the prying eyes of Gestapo agents, or is it equivalent to collaborating with the enemy?’
  • 25) ‘The Vichy government and those who collaborated with the Germans were seen as traitors.’
  • 26) ‘A group of monks, led by scholar Yang Fei, defend their temple against the renegade disciple, Shi, a traitor who collaborates with Manchu rulers.’
  • 27) ‘Why should a ruler obsessed with maintaining his power collaborate with some of his most dangerous enemies?’
  • 28) ‘Hungary chose cooperation and appointed a government to collaborate with Hitler.’
  • 29) ‘Villages suspected of collaborating with the enemy - whichever it might be - were razed.’
  • 30) ‘However, it is wrong to portray the women as innocent pawns, absolved of the responsibility of having collaborated with the forces of racism.’
  • 31) ‘Now, the guerrillas appear to be settling scores with people who have collaborated with the invading forces.’


  • 1) Libya, on the other hand, has always refused to cooperate with us.
  • 2) She resigned from the holiday show, refused to cooperate with a Hello!
  • 3) Whether you live or die depends solely on how much you cooperate.
  • 4) To only expect people to cooperate is the lowest common denominator of personal relations.
  • 5) To cooperate is to give oneself over to the group.
  • 6) Monolithic refusal to cooperate is their current modus operandi.
  • 7) STANSELL: One of the guys came up to Marc and I, and he's going, in English, cooperate with us.
  • 8) "I have found that torture is systematically used by police forces against persons who refuse to 'cooperate' -- political prisoners as well as suspects of common crimes," Nowak, an Austrian law professor, said.
  • 9) You can cooperate, which is one of the keys to human success.
  • 10) ‘We have said that we will cooperate in these three areas of logistic support and use of airspace.’
  • 11) ‘But what is most important is that everyone should cooperate in using water much less.’
  • 12) ‘All of us should cooperate in maintaining law and order and in promoting peace and brotherliness.’
  • 13) ‘People with diverse resources and plans can cooperate in ways that leave them all better off.’
  • 14) ‘Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to cooperate in the publicity of their respective national events.’
  • 15) ‘The idea is to cooperate in purchasing or importing raw materials, which could reduce their costs.’
  • 16) ‘Companies should cooperate in creating an environment where human rights are understood and respected.’
  • 17) ‘Lionesses cooperate in teaching the cubs how to go about the art of hunting.’
  • 18) ‘It was imperative that the community pulled together and co-operated in the future development of the area.’
  • 19) ‘It consists of billions of Argentine ants living in millions of nests that cooperate with each other.’
  • 20) ‘The most important way in which the present system makes people cooperate with each other is when it drives them to fight back against it.’
  • 21) ‘The rules of the game are such that if both cooperate with each other, they both get a reward.’
  • 22) ‘At that point the players are again in a good mood and cooperate with each other until the next mistake happens.’
  • 23) ‘It is important for us to cooperate with each other and make an effort to take a bold leap.’
  • 24) ‘Jones said the two police forces have always co-operated, but have fine-tuned their collaboration in recent months.’
  • 25) ‘There was also a lot of vague talk about cooperating more with allies and avoiding international isolation.’
  • 26) ‘All the signs are today that one of the basic problems preventing people co-operating together for the common good is the breakdown of neighbourly society.’
  • 27) ‘He said residents had gone to a lot of trouble to improve the area and had all co-operated and worked together to keep the estate, and area, neat and tidy.’
  • 28) ‘This can only be achieved if we work together, co-operate and love each other.’
  • 29) ‘Participants will interact in teams to learn to co-operate with each other.’
  • 30) ‘But he is reportedly cooperating with authorities, and has not officially been charged with any crime in connection with the case.’
  • 31) ‘The bank is fully cooperating with the investigation, he said.’
  • 32) ‘They're cooperating with police; they've gone in and they've done the right thing.’
  • 33) ‘It isn't the public's business so long as he's cooperating with the media.’
  • 34) ‘But cooperating with the tribunal has been a key demand of European and U.S. aid donors.’
  • 35) ‘One is that the police have said that he is fully cooperating with them, and the police have also said he's not a suspect.’
  • 36) ‘But he recently quit cooperating with them and they asked for a longer sentence.’
  • 37) ‘We were cooperating with his lawyers but we weren't actually in that case.’
  • 38) ‘The company has said it is cooperating with authorities.’
  • 39) ‘Then came the actions of our esteemed spy agency, that sees fit to harass people into cooperating with it.’
  • 40) ‘Jefferson has not commented on that matter, except to say he is cooperating with the investigation.’
  • 41) ‘The district attorney said the boy in the latest case is cooperating with investigators and has no plans to sue.’
  • 42) ‘Sometimes, the guests were secretly filmed and reportedly blackmailed into cooperating with him.’
  • 43) ‘One of the baggage handlers involved began cooperating with customs and drug agents.’
  • 44) ‘They say they are cooperating with authorities until this situation can be assessed.’
  • 45) ‘Do you know whether or not he is at this point cooperating with his interrogators?’
  • 46) ‘The boxer may have been killed by gangsters because he was cooperating with a police investigation into a murder.’
  • 47) ‘The man was cooperating with detectives and was expected to appear in court on Wednesday.’
  • 48) ‘I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation.’
  • 49) ‘She did not reply in words, but her eyes told David that she was not going to cooperate in any way if he kept asking her like that.’

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