to vs too

to too


  • 1) An old spelling of toe.
  • 2) conjunctive also; in addition.
  • 3) degree, colloquial To a high degree, very
  • 4) focus Likewise
  • 5) degree To an excessive degree; over; more than enough.
  • 6) colloquial used to contradict a negative assertion.
  • 7) In addition; also.
  • 8) To a regrettable degree.
  • 9) Informal Indeed; so.
  • 10) Very; extremely; immensely.
  • 11) More than enough; excessively.
  • 12) Likewise; also; in addition.
  • 13) a duplication used to signify great excess.
  • 14) Over; more than enough; -- noting excess.
  • 15) to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits
  • 16) in addition
  • 17) Seetew.


  • 1) Yet it remains too little known in this country.
  • 2) The burden of looking after him proves too much for her.
  • 3) We are not too bad so it will be a nice game.
  • 4) It is sometimes too much but sometimes you actually want it to ring.
  • 5) You are too flat to think about slam.
  • 6) too little is being given to the public for too much of an advantage.
  • 7) He will be carrying some of my cash too after some solid runs this season.
  • 8) That meant it might not be too bad.
  • 9) too right - the more the better.
  • 10) She gave evidence that meant he was struck off as a teacher - and quite right too.
  • 11) Things just came a little too soon.
  • 12) But there is very bad news too.
  • 13) The young man who had too much too young and nearly threw it all away.
  • 14) They are thinking too much and playing too slowly.
  • 15) The regulator wanted to crack down on companies that were charging too much and delivering too little.
  • 16) The news that another was missing presumed dead was too much to bear.
  • 17) Perhaps it is not too fanciful to think of teaching mathematics through dance.
  • 18) He loves his angle grinder just a little bit too much for comfort.
  • 19) That could be too much to bear.
  • 20) It was too much to ask of anybody.
  • 21) Surely they have human rights too?
  • 22) Our bad moment was too long.
  • 23) They're too nervous before the ceremony and too busy after.
  • 24) Quite right too, you might think.
  • 25) It turns out that vacuum cleaners are right out too, along with hole punches and prams.
  • 26) too many to know by name and face, too bad.
  • 27) Probably a little too obvious, too.
  • 28) In fact, detecting a winner right now is too difficult.
  • 29) too bad there wasn't time to hear more.
  • 30) My usual diet is simplicity itself: eat too little and lay off the booze.
  • 31) I think she feels too young to live with her lover.
  • 32) How on earth was I going to look after a dog too?
  • 33) If the opportunity presents itself, he'll go after the officials too.
  • 34) But he, too, thrived after his fashion.
  • 35) She stared at him, unable to think of a retort, the words reverberating in her head to the rhythm of her furiously pounding heart, _Billy's nice too Billy's nice too Billy's nice too_, the fear, now on the surface, taking control, no longer something she could contain.
  • 36) I always thought it was to warm too this..too that.
  • 37) Just as any gardner knows only heartache will come of setting plants out too early for your climate, perhaps I need to know that I cannot enjoy an earthy perfume *too* far ahead of me actually being able to smell it outside.
  • 38) I've had problems with this in my WIP, too - it just became _too_ large and equally impossible to read.
  • 39) Not * too* difficult to explain (although maybe too difficult for a 1-hour show), but also avoids all the hype and questions about the engineering reality of quantum computation.
  • 40) A pledge card is on it's way too where Boris pledges too* Beef up police presence on our streets by cutting red tape and employing more officers
  • 41) Candy store is fast moving..too fast for me ..but probably not too fast for kids lol
  • 42) Or if you are *too* disabled, again as decided by able-bodied people, are you too disabled to have the rights that less disabled people have?
  • 43) But yeah, I am keeping my fingers crossed too for the 17th *crosses toes too*
  • 44) ‘A small number in the queue do have an NHS dentist, but the wait is too long to see them.’
  • 45) ‘However, if you leave it too late, or wait to see if rates fall further, you could lose out.’
  • 46) ‘Work on the master plan needs to begin because the area has waited for too long already.’
  • 47) ‘The court also said the cell phone companies waited too long to object to the rule.’
  • 48) ‘Just over half of those asked said waiting on hold for too long was their pet hate.’
  • 49) ‘Alice is probably lumping me in with the people who take the wrong things too seriously.’
  • 50) ‘We decided it was too cold for a jet wash so I was sent back inside the garage for a token for the proper car wash.’
  • 51) ‘These are not the answers you would expect from people too frightened to speak freely.’
  • 52) ‘The sauce was rich and tangy without ever becoming too hot, and the fish was nicely moist.’
  • 53) ‘As it turned out, they arrived at the New Forest nursery too late and decided to head back.’
  • 54) ‘As the blaze raged on fire chiefs decided it was too dangerous to tackle directly.’
  • 55) ‘The judge said the offences were too serious for anything but a custodial sentence.’
  • 56) ‘Its beauty is dependent on its dampness and greenness, and it looks awful when it is too dry.’
  • 57) ‘The blokes took it all far too seriously and before long it got very competitive.’
  • 58) ‘This project is too important to ever be hindered by a lack of funds or resources.’
  • 59) ‘By the end, the film has become far too serious in its attitude and it becomes quite dreary.’
  • 60) ‘Most amateurs that I play with tend to try to hit the ball too hard, especially off the tee.’
  • 61) ‘Do you think that this is fair or is it too early to make a realistic judgment?’
  • 62) ‘The ruby hue is due to tiny gold particles too small to see with the naked eye.’
  • 63) ‘If one waits too long, then the patient can be so frail and unfit that surgery is no longer an option.’
  • 64) ‘We didn't have to wait too long before we got in and I must say that Santa was very good.’
  • 65) ‘I had to do a bit of work this morning but nothing too taxing, then I decided to rush off and find this cache.’
  • 66) ‘She had some very important news to tell Jake, and she didn't want to have to wait too long!’
  • 67) ‘At night, they slept as husband and wife, and she had to admit, he was not too awful with her.’
  • 68) ‘It is clear that even the producers are not too interested.’
  • 69) ‘He zeroes in on the face of an old woman, showing that the weak and elderly are victims too.’
  • 70) ‘She then has to solve the riddle of the tape before she too falls victim to its curse.’
  • 71) ‘I could see there was a lot of other stuff inside there too, and a lot more money besides.’
  • 72) ‘Under the guise of sociology, the film manages to slip us a fair amount of gynaecology too.’
  • 73) ‘The quote might be seen to have a resonance for his own situation as leader in waiting, too.’
  • 74) ‘It was a marathon for them too - having to wait around in the pouring rain for six hours!’
  • 75) ‘Runs can come quickly, too, especially if the ball is new and there are gaps in the field.’
  • 76) ‘Thousands more workers will be terrified that they too could be caught in the jobs cull.’
  • 77) ‘She has decided, too, to concentrate on her game for a few years to the exclusion of all else.’
  • 78) ‘She was moved by this story and decided that she too must become a mathematician.’
  • 79) ‘Our style was simple too: win the ball and get it to the backs as quickly as possible.’
  • 80) ‘He was moving that day too and we decided to help each other, plus he'd got the van for free from his work.’
  • 81) ‘It had all happened so fast and now we too were bemused, not knowing what to do next.’
  • 82) ‘Michael took another step closer to her and she noticed that he too had slept in his clothes.’
  • 83) ‘There are lots of fun places to take the youngsters too, including zoos and water parks.’
  • 84) ‘It all seems to be well put together too, with solid construction and good fit and finish.’
  • 85) ‘Once your hair is really long consider tying it back in a loose plait at bedtime too.’
  • 86) ‘He was jostling for what could have been a strong points finish when he too was forced to retire.’
  • 87) ‘The people of Barking did too, and they sent a strong message to the new government.’
  • 88) ‘Consider fixing up some bat boxes too, high up on a wall, near the eaves of the house or in a tall tree.’
  • 89) ‘Note too that we would not even consider this to be a coherent semantic field in English.’
  • 90) ‘They got a return match and won it too by four wickets at the same venue two weeks later.’
  • 91) ‘He knows every world leader on this planet, and possibly those on other planets too.’
  • 92) ‘You know, it was good to see him back here, and I think he was strong all weekend, too.’
  • 93) ‘For the same premiums you not only paid off the house but you got extra money too.’

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