bereaved vs bereft

bereaved bereft


  • 1) People who are bereaved.
  • 2) a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved
  • 3) having suffered the death of a loved one
  • 4) Suffering the loss of a loved one.
  • 5) mourning due to the death of a loved one.


  • 1) Preterit and past participle of bereave.
  • 2) deprived of, lacking, stripped of, robbed of
  • 3) of a person pained by the loss of someone
  • 4) Deprived of something.
  • 5) Lacking something needed or expected.
  • 6) Suffering the death of a loved one; bereaved.
  • 7) obsolete, rare To deprive.
  • 8) Simple past tense and past participle of bereave.
  • 9) imp. & p. p. of bereave.
  • 10) imp.&p.p.ofbereave.


  • 1) But I quite see it's ridiculous to talk of marriage when you're newly bereaved so let's just forget about it.
  • 2) Both alone, both in their own way bereaved, they felt their way cautiously forward: music, painting, books, gardening, cats.
  • 3) How can the old order look upon the new without feeling bereaved beyond measure for the world which has slipped away?
  • 4) Molly wished she could have at least been surprised by Judith VanAck, the bereaved widow.
  • 5) My wife (with an M. Div.) has thought about collecting recipes of these "death dishes" since bringing the casserole or other dish for the family of the bereaved is near folk custom.
  • 6) He was a promising looking fellow, and I fully believed the answer that he made to the again bereaved mother, when, with quivering lips, she said: "Be good to my girl."
  • 7) It's the fact that by voicing those suspicions you were, to all intents and purposes, calling the bereaved liars before Gately's body was even in the ground.
  • 8) Belatedly recalling her bereaved state, she let out a sharp, unconvincing yelp of woe and stooped to scrape up a handful of dust, which she poured haphazardly over her head.
  • 9) The grief for the lost and the sympathy for the survivors and the bereaved are the same; but there is not, and there cannot be, the same undercurrent of indignation.
  • 10) Epstein is occupied mostly as a "real life" reporter for voyeuristic gossip magazines, cold-calling bereaved parents and such.
  • 11) Ben-Zvi replied quoting a passage from the Book of Samuel: "As your sword bereaved women, so will your mother be bereaved among women."


  • 1) He may still do so but must now factor in that some of his senior players are bereft of confidence and need to find some rhythm again.
  • 2) A Swansea squad bereft of confidence needs a strong front from the new man.
  • 3) That is why many of streets still seem so bereft life and energy.
  • 4) Peking airport was practically bereft of all colour for the arrival.
  • 5) Wolves looked short of ideas and bereft of confidence.
  • 6) No more moping around the house bereft of ideas.
  • 7) It will leave you bereft and wanting more.
  • 8) He was utterly bereft when she left home.
  • 9) They look a team totally bereft of confidence.
  • 10) But this series finale left me utterly bereft.
  • 11) And he is still bereft of confidence when he approaches the net.
  • 12) It is a horrible irony that a man who gave us so much hope ended up bereft of the stuff.
  • 13) Is life now bereft of enjoyment?
  • 14) Anyone feeling bereft at the missing V&A collection should pop round the corner instead.
  • 15) Yet Liverpool were too often bereft of ideas when it came to set pieces.
  • 16) Viewers don't leave the cinema feeling bereft.
  • 17) Once there, he found himself bereft of ideas.
  • 18) She looks straight out of the canvas, utterly and completely bereft of the merest fluttering thought.
  • 19) But they were far too good for an Aussie team bereft of confidence and undermined by injuries.
  • 20) If this administration is bereft of ideas and paralysed by fear, it is also cloaked in dishonesty.
  • 21) The best thing about it all is that it is utterly bereft of all style, aesthetic quality or fashion sense.
  • 22) Now she's bereft of life.
  • 23) Rather like Norwegian parrots, most are bereft of life.
  • 24) Coventry arrived winless in League One and bereft of confidence.
  • 25) A manager deserves to lose his job when the board sees a team going backward, bereft of hope or fresh ideas.
  • 26) The movements and the tune and nonsense, an ancient language that's bereft of the life that formed it.
  • 27) Those adolescents are the ones which no conventional school in Buckinghamshire will accept, the ones who are seemingly bereft of both hope and a future.
  • 28) In his recent writings, Millennium People [10] and Kingdom Come, [11] Ballard depicts a Britain bereft of social values other than those of daytime TV and the shopping centre, and while his central characters can lack credibility his general description of the cultural landscape is far more accurate than almost anything that has been published in the pages of any recent architectural publication.
  • 29) Alas, filmmaker Chris Columbus does not appear to tweet (I checked), so we must for now remain bereft of his feelings concerning Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz, and Raj’s tradition of celebrating “Columbus” Day by watching the Columbus-penned generational touchstonesGoonies, Gremlins, andYoung Sherlock Holmes — probably the nicest Columbus Day joke evermade about theHome Alone director, in fact.
  • 30) She sits alone, lost in thought, her expression bereft, a tissue in her hand.
  • 31) Proceedings are based largely on scientific and medical evidence in a field that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has described as "bereft of complete and direct proof of how vaccines affect the human body."
  • 32) I wish that slogan never became so overused for it is merely become a catch phrase bereft of meaning. msspurlock said ...
  • 33) Among the military regime's most strident critics, both New Zealand and Australia's chief diplomats were expelled from the capital Suva last November, which Smith said left both nations "bereft" of the ability to initiate or have meaningful talks.
  • 34) ‘Such is the current attack - one devoid of reason, bereft of honour and lacking in morality.’
  • 35) ‘Suddenly this community is bereft of sporting success and devoid of any heroes.’
  • 36) ‘We are now sanitized and correct, factual and precise, but tragically bereft of relationship.’
  • 37) ‘Such a claim is bereft of imagination, competence and, dare I say, common sense.’
  • 38) ‘Determining what dreams mean is an inexact science, but not one bereft of logic and sense.’
  • 39) ‘Why was he so chronically bereft of the social skills necessary for good political management?’
  • 40) ‘Only Steve looked like a man ready to take responsibility while all around him players looked bereft of confidence.’
  • 41) ‘The channel at best is purely vague and bereft of any creative leanings.’
  • 42) ‘Access to politicians is the least of our worries - the problem is that politics is bereft of any vision that inspires us.’
  • 43) ‘Tobacco has no attraction for me, though I am far from being bereft of vices.’
  • 44) ‘There are the owners who go and leave their dogs at home for six or seven hours a day, bereft of human company and unable to relieve themselves.’
  • 45) ‘With little or no rain in the last week the venue should be bereft of any significant colour and roach and perch will be the main target species.’
  • 46) ‘But these objects will be bereft of the patina of age, the rips, tears and stains that create a sense of history.’
  • 47) ‘The collapse of the old left/right divide has left political life bereft of clear competing principles.’
  • 48) ‘It was a curious match, bereft of the usual passion of the fixture.’
  • 49) ‘But the film is strikingly bereft of tangible anger, its mood more poignant than incendiary.’
  • 50) ‘Critics are also right in suggesting that his policy agenda is somewhat bereft of concrete plans.’
  • 51) ‘Long grass on each side of the street, a derelict and neglected building bereft of glass and doors.’
  • 52) ‘Although deciduous, it reveals an attractive network of small stems and branches when bereft of leaves.’
  • 53) ‘How can you feel bereft of something that you have never experienced?’
  • 54) ‘Of all the bereft women presented in this section, the servant-girl struck me as the most crushed.’
  • 55) ‘I love having my dogs around, but now I'm totally bereft.’
  • 56) ‘Widows, bereft parents, and odd widower - you could always count on seeing a few of them sitting by a grave.’
  • 57) ‘But I was bereft, left, and wearing sorrow in the hottest sun Ireland had ever seen.’
  • 58) ‘The bereft father believes his son's killing was the result not just of an evil individual's action but of a growing problem with violence in schools.’
  • 59) ‘Each of the main characters is left bereft and haunted - literally - by the Civil War.’
  • 60) ‘You know, we have orphans and widows, and bereft people who are going to need our help for a long time to come.’
  • 61) ‘Though financially richer she is emotionally bereft and may never open herself up again.’
  • 62) ‘It was like a wave of emotion as people told each other - people were absolutely bereft.’
  • 63) ‘We had our health physically, but we were bereft emotionally.’
  • 64) ‘She used the death of her mother to avoid the boys her own age, telling all would-be suitors that she had to take care of her poor bereft father.’
  • 65) ‘Sarah is bereft and in her misery turns to Jannik, who to everyone's surprise grows up suddenly and takes responsibility for his brother's family.’
  • 66) ‘To his bereft family and friends in the racing fraternity we offer our condolences for their great loss and our appreciation for the memories of this brave young man.’
  • 67) ‘A bereft woman stands near the rubble of her home, destroyed by bombs.’
  • 68) ‘Now they've gone back to Ireland and his wife is bereft.’
  • 69) ‘They are bereft, insecure and despairing immigrants left in the street to beg.’
  • 70) ‘Repelled by crowded Europe, he opts for Southland, but is lonely and bereft.’
  • 71) ‘But his wife's death left him bewildered and bereft.’
  • 72) ‘As I worked, I thought often of my own parents and how bereft and sad I felt in the days after their deaths.’
  • 73) ‘I hope this will be an opportunity to cross international boundaries and express practical help and love for those who are bereft and homeless.’

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