empathic vs empathetic

empathic empathetic


  • 1) science fiction Of, pertaining to, or being an empath: of or having the capability of sensing the emotions of others.
  • 2) Showing or expressing empathy.
  • 3) Of, relating to, or characterized by empathy.
  • 4) showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states


  • 1) Showing empathy for others, and recognizing their feelings etc; empathic
  • 2) Empathic.


  • 1) She's empathic and interested, so you care where it takes her.
  • 2) Agreeable interviewers are warm, empathic and trusting.
  • 3) They enjoy chaos but are super empathic, intuitive and interpersonally skilled.
  • 4) Their relationship is both telepathic and empathic, and the music they make similarly intuitive.
  • 5) empathic people can be seen as tender-minded, forgiving, soft.
  • 6) It should be mandatory that a patient-focused response is both immediate and empathic.
  • 7) Paradoxically, being a warm, empathic, kind person may not help at all.
  • 8) The least empathic industries are science, finance and automotive.
  • 9) Are you committed, empathic and organised, with a love of gardening and period homes?
  • 10) The hospital staff are an inspiration: professional, empathic and compassionate.
  • 11) ‘Your fans have this really strong empathic connection to you.’
  • 12) ‘Some doctors choose to treat things conservatively, some aggressively, and some cultivate a sensitive empathic approach.’
  • 13) ‘They strive to be sincere and to communicate with others in an empathic manner.’
  • 14) ‘Dr. McNally is a miracle worker: determined, insightful, and empathic.’
  • 15) ‘She must be wise but impulsive, empathic yet distant.’
  • 16) ‘For Berrien, one of the key challenges was to become a more supportive and empathic leader.’
  • 17) ‘It begins with a deep and empathic understanding of the human condition.’
  • 18) ‘Indeed, brain research shows that boys are actually more empathic, expressive, and emotive at birth than girls.’
  • 19) ‘If they don't process the emotional content, they are not empathic, they don't have any sense of what they've done to somebody.’
  • 20) ‘Greenspan observed that when the father has an empathic identification with his offspring, the child, in turn, identifies with him.’


  • 1) His followers found him easy to talk to, an attentive listener and empathetic.
  • 2) Horizon helps to explain why dogs are such empathetic and intelligent creatures.
  • 3) Would they have been more empathetic and less cut-throat?
  • 4) Understanding that made him more empathetic, not less.
  • 5) An empathetic listener can do a lot to defuse a crisis, regardless of the seriousness of the problem.
  • 6) I am not an empathetic person.
  • 7) A master class in poignant restraint, driven by two achingly empathetic performances.
  • 8) Results show that students today are 40 per cent less empathetic than they were 20 years ago.
  • 9) Tonight's edition of Horizon helps to explain why dogs are such empathetic and intelligent creatures.
  • 10) The result is an intelligent, empathetic, moving look at the power and limitations of the modern monarchy.
  • 11) ‘Yes, we can be selfish but we are also highly empathetic and supportive.’
  • 12) ‘We can't increase their pay or decrease their time away from home, but we can be empathetic and caring supervisors.’
  • 13) ‘But they could not be empathetic, they just couldn't understand because it had not happened to them.’
  • 14) ‘By humanizing his characters, he brings us to an empathetic understanding of what might have brought them to where they are now.’
  • 15) ‘The trouble with being a fairly empathetic person is that makes it hard to say no to anyone in pain.’
  • 16) ‘I changed hospitals as part of my rotation and worked with an unusually empathetic consultant.’
  • 17) ‘Antoine's immaturity is laid bare, but in a surprisingly nuanced and empathetic manner.’
  • 18) ‘He launched into a sensitive, empathetic account of Mekas's early life and his exile from Lithuania.’
  • 19) ‘I am a firm believer in teaching children to be empathetic with others.’
  • 20) ‘Trial attorneys know that some jurors are more empathetic than others.’

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