who vs whom

who whom


  • 1) A person under discussion; a question of which person.
  • 2) a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services
  • 3) interrogative What person or people; which person or people (used in a direct or indirect question).
  • 4) relative The person or people that.
  • 5) Obs., except in the archaic phrase, as who should say. One; any; one.
  • 6) Originally, an interrogative , later, a relative also; -- used always substantively, and either as singular or plural. See the Note under What, pron., 1. As interrogative s, who and whom ask the question: What or which person or persons? Who and whom, as relative s (in the sense of that), are properly used of persons (corresponding to which, as applied to things), but are sometimes, less properly and now rarely, used of animals, plants, etc. Who and whom, as compound relatives, are also used especially of persons, meaning the person that; the persons that; the one that; whosoever.


  • 1) A Scotch form of horn.
  • 2) formal What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a preposition.
  • 3) Him; her; them (used as a relative to refer to a previously mentioned person or people.)
  • 4) formal What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a verb.
  • 5) The objective case of who. See who.


  • 1) You need somebody on the panel who is able to read and judge medical documentation.
  • 2) This guy is the only person who has come out and said anything.
  • 3) This is about those who are obese getting to a size where they now need assistance.
  • 4) He freely admits there is a chasm between the man on stage who audiences love and the real person.
  • 5) Then there was the woman who rejected house after house because they were too far from a Zumba class.
  • 6) We want only people who are focused purely on the getting the best result possible.
  • 7) who will be able to secure these loans?
  • 8) All of this calls for a new kind of patient who thinks differently about healthcare.
  • 9) People who are involved in their locality take ownership of it and it changes the locality.
  • 10) Those who were able to wait have done better academically and socially.
  • 11) The only person who gives him respect?
  • 12) But we need to be engaging with people who we find most unpalatable.
  • 13) My girlfriend is the only person who keeps me grounded and she is the love my life.
  • 14) He looks to me just like a man who would be constant to the memory of his wife.
  • 15) We know these are industries that are partly about who you know as well as what you know.
  • 16) Let us hear more about those who are coping well with advancing years and how they do so.
  • 17) The saddest thing is that her only chance is a book about a man who was clearly so unpleasant.
  • 18) There were big journalists who were able to interview him early in the 2000s.
  • 19) Thankfully, she married a man who was refreshingly enlightened.
  • 20) If you look at their squad, they could produce almost two teams who would be able to compete at the finals.
  • 21) Police, who were contacted by the hospital, are treating the death as unexplained.
  • 22) Police, who were there attending to another incident, had asked him to calm down but he refused.
  • 23) The gem merchant that got robbed had some influence with the _Districo Federales_ down in Mexico City; he wanted all three of the guys who robbed him put away as a lesson to other hotshot _bandidos _who might try to pull the same thing.
  • 24) For every game, there is a winner and a loser….we have all seen who the bottom line loosers are for this…..who are the winners in this.
  • 25) At least it seems the bareback bones have finally been reprieved and for once a movie will be re-brought upon the audience with a natural real sense and to tell you the truth; who would have ever have seen RDJr with an actual demeanor of being able to take care of himself..who would have known..look forward to the movie
  • 26) As for who is "rolling their eyes" for Joanie's merriment..who can say?
  • 27) I told him who I was, _who I knew_, including Mickey Cohen, which _he_ was oblivious to.
  • 28) By what guessing or critical legerdemain one who claims loyalty to the word of God and ordinary intelligence can attempt to sweep away these definite and determinate statements, and crowd some insignificant worm of the dust into the place given to him who was in the beginning, who was with God and _who was
  • 29) ‘And who are you, ’ said I to the stern man, ‘who dares come into my house, and treat me as your dog?
  • 30) who _plans_, and who _follows_, &c. Then _who_ is nom. to _plans_, and _who_ understood, is nominative to _follows_.
  • 31) A man who has _energy_ (or _who is energetic_) will succeed.
  • 32) ‘You can listen to the bands, check the odds and see who you'd pick, and bet on them to win.’
  • 33) ‘As yet we haven't been given any clues as to who can support Hounsou in the lead role.’
  • 34) ‘If you were a London cabbie, who would you most like to have in the back of your cab?’
  • 35) ‘Mr Summers said it is hard to plan what the group will be doing as he does not know who will audition.’
  • 36) ‘Becki wondered who had done it and whether they would let her do the same next year.’
  • 37) ‘No doubt when we arrive the press will be wondering who all these shiny new people are!’
  • 38) ‘It was just begging me to open it and find out who was sending me an anonymous letter.’
  • 39) ‘I wonder who's going to turn first out of all those Conservatives involved?’
  • 40) ‘who believes in intelligence reports?’
  • 41) ‘He would be in much the same position as the farmer who previously put his cows in the field.’
  • 42) ‘He was a good guy who kept me informed of what was going on with the other counselors.’
  • 43) ‘At home, I sit down to reply to all the boys and girls who leave letters for me in my postbox.’
  • 44) ‘It is impossible to write an honest letter to somebody who may send it on to a third party.’
  • 45) ‘He passed my letter on to Inspector Read who hoped it would be the end of the matter.’
  • 46) ‘I have been in contact with a wonderful band who are very keen to come to Pewsey and play.’
  • 47) ‘My thanks to my good friend Ken Hom who is a wonderful cook and a brilliant presenter.’
  • 48) ‘The rain was pouring in, and we had some friends with us who had brought some seafood.’
  • 49) ‘He takes me on a tour, and we pass several attractive women who all smile at him in a hopeful way.’
  • 50) ‘He ran the ball up the right wing and slipped it to Smith who had moved in to a central striking role.’
  • 51) ‘Bobbies on the beat have been told to keep an eye out for a killer who could be hiding in Southend.’
  • 52) ‘Firefighters had to help a woman who was trapped in the car and a man stuck in the cab of one of the lorries.’
  • 53) ‘David admits he's a floating voter who will make up his mind on how to vote nearer the time.’
  • 54) ‘The vouchers are sent to the group who can either use them in store or exchange them for cash.’
  • 55) ‘Another motorist who was filling his car said he had seen a young man jump in the car and speed off.’
  • 56) ‘John opened the door to be confronted by two youths who threw a blazing firework at him.’
  • 57) ‘They are just a normal couple and their kids are just everyday kids who play in the street.’
  • 58) ‘A gun was held to a teenage girl's neck by a mugger who robbed her of her mobile phone.’
  • 59) ‘Hannah Start met one of the more seriously injured who is on the long road to recovery.’
  • 60) ‘Kelly is a popular pupil who has been elected on to the school council by her peers.’
  • 61) ‘who rides at the tail of a Border thief, he sits not long at his meat.’


  • 1) He did not seem to be concerned about whom his opinions might be hurting.
  • 2) In secret she had known of a man on whom it had been worked.
  • 3) He was a man whom others trusted and was known for his integrity.
  • 4) He is the sort of man with whom no dad feels comfortable hanging out.
  • 5) So you have to be very careful about whom you go to.
  • 6) He was a man for whom the demolition of a church was as painful as the felling of a friend.
  • 7) Then there are jockeys about whom we don't know enough.
  • 8) Also, be ambitious about whom you invite.
  • 9) Families harbour secrets; we know both most and least about those with whom we share our home.
  • 10) And he was really a very pleasing young man, a young man whom any woman not fastidious might like.
  • 11) That trail has now been traced to a handful of officers and men from whom a chain of command leads to the Kremlin.
  • 12) ‘You are never quite sure which actor is sitting where, or which voice belongs to whom.’
  • 13) ‘This will be a comfort to Cameron, over whom Vogts had appeared to blow hot and cold.’
  • 14) ‘The poor reader must be as confused as Media Watch about who has done what to whom.’
  • 15) ‘Passively loved by the rich, he had a playboy father to whom he dedicates this book.’
  • 16) ‘The congenial old All Black to whom he had been chatting was suddenly a different man.’
  • 17) ‘Your victim could be the workmate with whom you shared a sandwich from your lunchbox.’
  • 18) ‘To my left was a battered pair, both of whom had dark rings under their eyes and swollen faces.’
  • 19) ‘I am now with a lady of whom I am fond, but not in love, and I find it harder to respond to her.’
  • 20) ‘The couple have two sons, one of whom lives with them while the other is in Somerset.’
  • 21) ‘The team also spoke to people in the West End Bar, some of whom were there the week before.’
  • 22) ‘So many people to say hello to, none of whom you really notice when you work there every time.’
  • 23) ‘Perhaps he tried it out on a few friends, who showed it to their friends, one of whom took a copy.’
  • 24) ‘She has come with two friends, one of whom is carrying her dinner in a cardboard box.’
  • 25) ‘That is not a solution available to most people for whom email has become a necessity.’
  • 26) ‘Both explore who said what to whom, or who made up what and why, in the run-up to the war.’
  • 27) ‘It has yet to make up its mind as to whom to talk, what to talk and how to move in this matter.’
  • 28) ‘She said other businesses to whom she had spoken were willing to take the same action.’
  • 29) ‘People will now vote for whom they are told, forced to vote by people who have a hold over them.’
  • 30) ‘Only three people are still living at the hostel, one of whom is said to have a firm offer of a new home.’
  • 31) ‘Each poster featured three women laughing, one of whom had a glass of wine in her hand.’

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