appreciable vs appreciative

appreciable appreciative


  • 1) Capable of being appreciated or estimated; large enough to be estimated; perceptible; considerable.
  • 2) Possible to estimate, measure, or perceive: synonym: perceptible.
  • 3) Capable of being appreciated or estimated; large enough to be estimated; perceptible.
  • 4) enough to be estimated or measured
  • 5) Capable of being appreciated, estimated, or perceived; neither too small nor too great to be capable of estimation or recognition; perceptible.


  • 1) Capable of showing appreciation.
  • 2) Capable of or showing appreciation.
  • 3) Having or showing a just or ready appreciation or perception.
  • 4) having or showing appreciation or a favorable critical judgment or opinion
  • 5) feeling or expressive of gratitude
  • 6) Capable of appreciating; manifesting due appreciation: as, an appreciative audience.


  • 1) He had always had a soft skin with no appreciable beard line, and now the moustache gave him a certain sporty air.
  • 2) After some appreciable delay the banker returned, accompanied by another man.
  • 3) There was an appreciable lightening of the darkness and a faint luminosity drifted around them.
  • 4) The master plans eradicate any appreciable population in that godforsaken place.
  • 5) Another prediction of such a surfing model is that even a very small number of events of interbreeding can result in appreciable allele frequencies of Neandertal alleles in the present-day populations.
  • 6) In any case, I think the better point is that VDOT’s own studies showed that neither the Western Bypass nor the Meadowcreek Parkway would improve congestion on 29 in appreciable ways.
  • 7) 3He can be produced in appreciable amounts in nuclear reactors.
  • 8) For one thing, like someone already mentioned the time for greatly increased troop strength in Iraq making any kind of appreciable difference is long past.
  • 9) But yesterday's statement also dialed back the sense of urgency, dropping the "appreciable" from what it said last Tuesday were "appreciable downside risks to growth."
  • 10) The central bank no longer called the risks "appreciable," a notable change in Fed-speak, while also saying it will "act in a timely manner as needed."
  • 11) I'm hoping that these assets will be taxed as capital gains, because it's really hard to make any kind of appreciable profit without first DEPOSITING money.
  • 12) The report says an "appreciable" percentage of funds accruing from lotteries and gambling should be used for the government's
  • 13) They point out that the word "appreciable" means "capable of being noticed, estimated or measured and noticeable".
  • 14) ‘If they have been allowed to grow for long enough to produce an appreciable amount of toxin, the food is poisonous and remains so no matter how much it is heated.’
  • 15) ‘This approach can take six to eight years before an appreciable reduction is noticed.’
  • 16) ‘Most common apatites are fluorine rich; however, they may contain appreciable amounts of chlorine.’
  • 17) ‘If you do any appreciable amount of driving outside town centres and the suburbs, this is the better choice.’
  • 18) ‘Seldom has he had to share an appreciable amount of space on an album with a fellow artist.’
  • 19) ‘An appreciable amount of carbon dioxide, unlike oxygen, is also free in solution in the plasma.’
  • 20) ‘There was an appreciable measure of realism in the discussions at the football seminar in Delhi recently.’
  • 21) ‘Sherry maintained its lead as the most popular drink, but there was an appreciable increase in the consumption of French and Empire wines.’
  • 22) ‘Its membership spread to almost every nook and cranny of the world where African people lived in appreciable numbers.’
  • 23) ‘Us winning this one doesn't make any appreciable difference.’
  • 24) ‘Even when the Russian gymnast himself took to the stage and begged the audience to stop there was no appreciable response.’
  • 25) ‘Transformation as currently practiced carries an appreciable risk of ultimate doom.’
  • 26) ‘That last bit suggests to me that this pressure won't have an appreciable effect anytime soon.’
  • 27) ‘It is also the only satellite in the solar system with an appreciable atmosphere, mostly composed of nitrogen like the Earth's.’
  • 28) ‘Sadly, calligraphy no longer exists in the Western world, not to any appreciable extent, anyway.’
  • 29) ‘So many people define their lives by vanity purchases which have no real appreciable value.’
  • 30) ‘So I went back to the data to see if there was any appreciable difference in response by gender.’
  • 31) ‘You have to be prepared to make some appreciable adjustments to a different lifestyle and surroundings if you come to China.’
  • 32) ‘It takes an appreciable length of time for a wave of public opinion to cross the continent.’
  • 33) ‘This gimmick blurs the clarity of the storyline without adding any appreciable benefit.’


  • 1) The sight of the Belgian centre back warming up in the tenth minute had brought appreciative applause.
  • 2) It always ended in a large round of appreciative applause.
  • 3) To be playing lots of gigs to appreciative crowds and for the album to do well.
  • 4) We are all very appreciative of his support so far.
  • 5) He should find an appreciative new audience.
  • 6) Only two seemed appreciative of my efforts.
  • 7) The performance drew prolonged applause from the appreciative crowd.
  • 8) Be an appreciative audience for their efforts.
  • 9) My wife got home and looked appalled rather than appreciative of my efforts.
  • 10) He received a big hand from the appreciative crowd when he returned.
  • 11) It was just an appreciative comment!
  • 12) Certainly the worldwide audience was appreciative.
  • 13) But she's very appreciative of effort.
  • 14) Yet he did, with an appreciative crowd cheering him on.
  • 15) The noble art of self-defence in all its aesthetic glory will always draw polite applause from appreciative audiences.
  • 16) Now he treats standing up on stage and saying exactly what he wants to an appreciative British audience with a secular awe.
  • 17) Beautifully filmed, it is a sensitive portrait of a considerable ego blossoming under the attention from appreciative crowds of his fellow countrymen.
  • 18) I smiled, made appreciative comments and asked if his wife would like to join us.
  • 19) The farmers weren't too appreciative of our efforts, but we got the job done.
  • 20) Instead of using your comedy skills just to entertain friends, look out for a contest that will put you in front of an appreciative audience.
  • 21) His appreciative audience applauded and, of course, he winked.
  • 22) It was the sort of goal that drew a cheer when it went in, then an appreciative murmur when it was replayed on the big screen.
  • 23) The stands were full and the crowd appreciative when Australia did things well, but clear in their allegiance.
  • 24) Not only does this enable you to accomplish what you must - those who've taken you for granted will suddenly be far more appreciative of your efforts.
  • 25) Household stuff: I agree yard sales are not worth the effort, I'd rather give the stuff to people who are thrilled to get it; altho, we did sell a few things privately to neighbors, and we did send a lot of stuff to auction, so at least it wound up in appreciative hands.
  • 26) "At least they were appreciative, which is more than I would have believed."
  • 27) C'EST DES DEUX OREILLES, properly, 'c'est d'une oreille,' an expression appreciative of good wine.
  • 28) The audience seemed appreciative, which is always nice, and a few people were there on second viewings.
  • 29) The students, far from being traumatized by the act (which is described as appreciative rather than "investigatory") seem to take it in stride as a personal eccentricity of Hector's.
  • 30) The camera lingers on every part of their bodies with a kind of appreciative lechery, taking in the curves.
  • 31) At a news conference Tuesday, Hyattsville Police Chief Douglas Holland said he was "appreciative" of the Justice Department's findings but added that "the social harm caused by these untrue claims has already been done."
  • 32) Mantashe had displayed "no particular reaction" during the telephone conversation, but had been "appreciative" that he had called, Mboweni told reporters in Pretoria on Tuesday.
  • 33) No irony here, just good-old "appreciative" for his work.
  • 34) ‘In the end the audience is also appreciative of people who are so undisguised.’
  • 35) ‘She is very appreciative of my cooking, so it's always a pleasure feeding her’
  • 36) ‘Substituted in the 75th minute, he received a standing ovation from fans appreciative of his contribution.’
  • 37) ‘Further, the Premier is appreciative of the fact that, to date, no one has succumbed to the actions being recommended by this user.’
  • 38) ‘Also crowds are appreciative of effort and that is what I give.’
  • 39) ‘We know that Perth isn't the biggest place in the country, but we know the fans that do come out are very appreciative of what we are trying to achieve.’
  • 40) ‘I had the distinct feeling that they weren't all that interested in, or appreciative of, the heritage in their charge.’
  • 41) ‘She was appreciative of the contribution the ‘great car economy’ made to the wealth of the nation.’
  • 42) ‘It was too little, too late but the home support were appreciative of the late heroics even if their championship dreams were over.’
  • 43) ‘After being told I was dying, I now feel very appreciative of everything.’
  • 44) ‘He was resistant at first, but soon became a careful dresser and appreciative of his wife's flair for interior design.’
  • 45) ‘They're very acceptable to what we're doing and appreciative of what we're doing for Scottish football.’
  • 46) ‘I would still recommend living and working abroad as it has made me more appreciative of the things I have got back home.’
  • 47) ‘And for once I was actually appreciative of the early finish since I've been on my feet all day.’
  • 48) ‘Old people have been particularly appreciative of the girls' offers to collect pensions and do shopping.’
  • 49) ‘The money was fantastic but, in reality, I was more appreciative of the recognition it signified.’
  • 50) ‘He could be quite cheeky and a bit cussed sometimes, but he was always polite to me and very appreciative of everything.’
  • 51) ‘Most people are very appreciative of what we do and that is very rewarding.’
  • 52) ‘People would be more mellow and more appreciative of the things around them.’
  • 53) ‘There are patients who are appreciative of nurses helping them through their stay in hospital.’

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