always vs all ways

always all ways


  • 1) Constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals; invariably; uniformly;—opposed to sometimes or occasionally.
  • 2) At all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually.
  • 3) informal In any event.
  • 4) At all times; invariably.
  • 5) For all time; forever.
  • 6) At any time; in any event.
  • 7) Constancy during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals; invariably; uniformly; -- opposed to sometimes or occasionally.
  • 8) forever; throughout all time
  • 9) at any time or in any event
  • 10) All the time; throughout all time; uninterruptedly; continually; perpetually; ever: as, God is always the same.
  • 11) Every time; at all recurring times; as often as occasion arises: as, he always comes home on Saturday.


  • 1) It was always about the performance with her.
  • 2) The grandfather is always trying to find an edge to remain at the top of the sport.
  • 3) He is always saying likes my voice.
  • 4) It always feels weird without the others.
  • 5) We got together by accident and there has always been something missing.
  • 6) It is always about the future and this is it.
  • 7) People have always seemed to try to do too much when they have partnered him.
  • 8) In the meantime, always shop around for a policy.
  • 9) Dip, and dip again, always busy.
  • 10) The city itself will always rise again.
  • 11) She has always been going around the motorway in completely the wrong direction.
  • 12) We always try to get a new one.
  • 13) You could say it was always going to end this way.
  • 14) Without one you always look like you have absconded from an open prison.
  • 15) There has always been something jarring and philosophically disconcerting about their juxtaposition.
  • 16) Roses can be cut down to knee height and almost always sprout again.
  • 17) In interviews he has always bragged about his success.
  • 18) He observes those around him and always seems a little sad and pensive.
  • 19) They will always try to push the boundaries.
  • 20) She always says she can hear them and worries they would also hear us.
  • 21) With my mother it was always a stoicism without fatalism.
  • 22) The foreman always had something for us.
  • 23) But it was always redrawn again for the next stages along the road.
  • 24) He was always trying to help others.
  • 25) It requires more than to say we have always done it this way in the past.
  • 26) We have to go out as we always do without thinking too much about the first result.
  • 27) Something that always awakened a cold beast deep in my gut.
  • 28) And always again the mail and the tragedy.
  • 29) always try to enter straight to make the minimum splash.
  • 30) You always felt comfortable around her.
  • 31) He always thinks about winning games.
  • 32) We don't get much chance as my dad is always around.
  • 33) ‘This annual dinner for the committee and their friends is always an enjoyable occasion.’
  • 34) ‘Over the years it seemed to become a household name and the event is always an occasion to look forward to.’
  • 35) ‘This is always a lovely community occasion and a large attendance is anticipated.’
  • 36) ‘On these occasions he always professed his innocence of the murder, although he knew who did it.’
  • 37) ‘Traffic problems should not be allowed spoil what is always a truly great occasion.’
  • 38) ‘In the run up to special occasions, I always buy a large Stilton and stand it on a dish in the fridge.’
  • 39) ‘Remember those days and evenings when the sun always shone and cricket was the only game in town?’
  • 40) ‘They fly in low, up to two dozen pairs at a time, always along the edge closest to the sun and always facing into the wind.’
  • 41) ‘Life is blissful where the sun always shines and the money keeps rolling in.’
  • 42) ‘It's as if the contestants really are in an enchanted land, one where the sun always shines.’
  • 43) ‘The sun always shines on this side of the hills but the beech trees give lots of shade.’
  • 44) ‘Because of the astronomical position of Mercury, it is always close to the Sun.’
  • 45) ‘It is always an honour to rise at the start of a parliamentary session and make a speech.’
  • 46) ‘In her memory, the sun was always shining, the air warm, though it was really late fall.’
  • 47) ‘It was a pretty close vote but it shows that quality will always rise to the top.’
  • 48) ‘And the staff are always at the end of a telephone to provide additional support.’
  • 49) ‘We, as a nation, are always complaining of staff shortages in these establishments.’
  • 50) ‘War should in any case always be a last resort in settling an international conflict.’
  • 51) ‘Occupying powers always resort to such methods to subdue resistance to their rule.’
  • 52) ‘For any Christian the resort to arms must always be the very last resort.’
  • 53) ‘Throughout this period, there had always been a minority of rebels who challenged the rule of the clock.’
  • 54) ‘In the past, I've always known every summer what I'm going to be doing the following season.’
  • 55) ‘Ms Benson said that their phone lines were always quiet in the period coming up to Christmas.’
  • 56) ‘When you look at past winners they have always been from Oxford and Cambridge so to be in that league is fantastic.’
  • 57) ‘Martin has a year to run on his contract and in the past he has always shown a willingness to honour that.’
  • 58) ‘At one of my past jobs, someone always left a copy of the newspaper in the toilets.’
  • 59) ‘It was not always so and in past times it was a big event on St. Stephen's Day every year.’
  • 60) ‘Their experimentation in the past always appeared to work by accident rather than by design.’
  • 61) ‘Buried inside the compliment is the rejoinder that this wasn't always the case in the past.’
  • 62) ‘Mr Smith said his curse followed gipsy tradition and had always worked in the past.’
  • 63) ‘In the past, security was always closely linked to the issue of social security.’
  • 64) ‘Pannal to their credit maintained a positive attitude throughout and were always on the lookout for goals.’
  • 65) ‘Being with my patient over an 18 month period was not always easy, or gratifying.’
  • 66) ‘If you keep doing what you have always done in the past you will keep getting the exact same results.’
  • 67) ‘They had always had some past cricketer who would tour and be the manager.’
  • 68) ‘We want to break the monotony we have had in the past of always waiting for the main show in June.’
  • 69) ‘We had a set of best clothes for Sundays and special occasions and always wore a hat to church.’
  • 70) ‘The owners were torn about the decision and regular staff meetings always produced discussion.’
  • 71) ‘Health-conscious Julie Doyle always avoided the sun because of her fair skin.’
  • 72) ‘He became well known for his natty dress sense and the rose he always wore in his buttonhole.’
  • 73) ‘It will never be over in my heart though because she will always be there, forever and ever.’
  • 74) ‘Similarly, you get the feeling that speech recognition is the technology of the future and always will be.’
  • 75) ‘We should always act in such a way to make certain there will always be a human future.’
  • 76) ‘There is never any guarantee that such a situation will always prevail in the future.’
  • 77) ‘Because no matter how tomorrow may look, the future will always work itself out.’
  • 78) ‘This thing can never be forsaken; keep this always and forever in your mind.’
  • 79) ‘It is always going to be a future benefit and always, to some extent, a contingent benefit.’
  • 80) ‘Paolozzi may find his inspiration in the past but the future is what will always truly concern him.’
  • 81) ‘They were members of the old stock of the Parish and she will be always missed.’
  • 82) ‘Of a very kind and friendly nature, he will be very sadly missed, and always remembered.’
  • 83) ‘He was a humble, kind and giving man who will be missed and always remembered by all who knew him.’
  • 84) ‘He said he hoped this gave them closure but they would always have one person missing.’
  • 85) ‘We will always miss her tremendous dedication and sincerity, and the friendliness of her presence.’
  • 86) ‘My grandmother was one of the most influential people in my life and I will always miss her.’
  • 87) ‘He said that, through them, he has learned he will always miss a cigarette.’
  • 88) ‘There may be more television work in the future, but there will always be football.’
  • 89) ‘But his weakness as a human being will always prevent him from rising to the pinnacle of greatness.’
  • 90) ‘Yet for one man, and one team, the tournament marked a new high, a memory on which the sun will always shine.’
  • 91) ‘There will always be staff sickness, but the high costs show how important it is to get the action plan in place.’
  • 92) ‘There will always be something missing from a game played on this surface.’
  • 93) ‘Then there was the obligatory annoying kid that you always get in these movies.’
  • 94) ‘I suppose some would call it a woman's book which always sounds a bit derogatory to me.’
  • 95) ‘I loved Halloween but the costume selection part of it was always the most annoying.’
  • 96) ‘Liam had always been the annoying kid next door who my mother constantly nagged me to be nice to.’
  • 97) ‘His greatest problem has always been that they inevitably prove to be incompatible.’
  • 98) ‘Most probably, but consistency has always been our bugbear so we must wait and see.’
  • 99) ‘The defeat he always insisted was inevitable has come and gone and cost Celtic nothing.’
  • 100) ‘As usual a request would crop up for a song from Johnny Kelly and always there had to be a repeat.’
  • 101) ‘Time is always available for politicians to endlessly repeat their deceptive claims, however.’
  • 102) ‘There's something that always seems to be missed when talking about re-design.’
  • 103) ‘While this is all good and well there is something that we always miss out on.’
  • 104) ‘The rations handed out to the poor are always missing one or two items.’
  • 105) ‘Before there was always something missing that prevented the analogy from being complete.’
  • 106) ‘Did you ever notice that they always seem to want to have the last word on an argument?’
  • 107) ‘It always amazes me when people seem to take forever to get things like domain names, or company formations.’
  • 108) ‘In the good times the chief executive's pay always seems to rise at a faster rate than earnings.’
  • 109) ‘You simply cannot move the country forward if you are always focused on the past.’
  • 110) ‘They are always referring to my past, but honestly I never think about that night in Munich any more.’
  • 111) ‘It saddens me that no matter how much he does that is good and positive, his past is always thrown in his face.’
  • 112) ‘No matter what time of the day or night you go through, everyone's always honking their horn.’
  • 113) ‘As a last resort you could always throw out the computer, but could you survive without eBay?’
  • 114) ‘Failing this there is always the marvellous views of the French Alps to look forward to.’
  • 115) ‘I think separation seems a bit more straightforward than a divorce and we can always get one at a later stage.’
  • 116) ‘Failing that, inside the house there is always at least one space we turn to by way of retreat.’
  • 117) ‘Failing that, they can always use some insulating tape and chewing gum to hold the spaghetti together.’
  • 118) ‘Whatever the future holds, Strasser will always have his high-profile past to relish.’
  • 119) ‘If things don't work out, you can always go to law school.’

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