alumnus vs alumni

alumnus alumni


  • 1) a male graduate
  • 2) a graduate
  • 3) a student
  • 4) a male pupil or student
  • 5) A male graduate or former student of a school, college, or university.
  • 6) A pupil; especially, a graduate of a college or other seminary of learning.
  • 7) A pupil; one educated at a school, seminary, college, or university; specifically, a graduate of any such institution.


  • 1) Plural form of alumnus; indicates both males and females, or males only.
  • 2) An individual alumnus or alumna.
  • 3) Plural of alumnus.


  • 1) The uni has an exciting project to connect students with alumni of their choice.
  • 2) Contact people you met at conferences and utilise alumni networks.
  • 3) The charity supplies schools and colleges with alumni who can inspire pupils with stories of what their lives could be like.
  • 4) The school 's global alumni network helps students to build relationships with alumni advisers at top firms.
  • 5) The business school has alumni in more than 75 countries.
  • 6) If all goes to plan, that alumni network will soon get much bigger.
  • 7) They have been paid for by a completely new fund, using money raised by targeting alumni of the college.
  • 8) Use your university 's alumni network to make contact with a current employee at the company and ask them what it wants.
  • 9) He is planning to set up classes, teaching students and alumni how to invest in art without being lured into buying tat.
  • 10) As the extensive alumni networks of many business schools show, it may be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.
  • 11) Consider the ripple effect of this for these young people, their descendants, or the alumni of these schools up to the present.
  • 12) Other innovations include campaigns that target the parents of students, encourage alumni to remember the university in their will, or ask benefactors to sponsor poor students.
  • 13) If it's kosher to interpret alumnaθ as a derivative of the Latin word alumnus/-a 'pupil', then it's certainly sounding like the funeral arrangements of Laris Pulena were somehow being taken care of by those of a temple-school, yes.
  • 14) Fisher, a USC alumnus, is looking for a new offensive coordinator after losing Mike Heimerdinger to the New York Jets last month.
  • 15) Another “Amelie” alumnus is cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel who flawlessly mixes real photography and computer assistance.
  • 16) The Purdue alumnus is the first player in NFL history to make the Pro Bowl as a cornerback, safety and kick returner.
  • 17) Christianity in the social relations of master and slave is plain from the exceedingly small number of inscriptions containing the words servus (slave), or libertus (freedman), words which are constantly seen on pagan gravestones; the often recurring expression alumnus (foster-child) characterizes the new relation between the owner and the owned.
  • 18) While the dictionary informs me that "alumnus" may indeed apply to someone who attended but did not graduate from a college, there might be a problem, in my case, even with "attended."
  • 19) An "alumnus" is a person who went to a school in the past.
  • 20) Also, did you not see the word 'alumnus' in my post?
  • 21) But with ISI's hand or at least that of its "alumnus" in the form of retired officers being seen, the analysis is that the army may be deeply involved in the plot.


  • 1) There were alumni of the Cowell Street Comprehensive who had not moved all that far from home, among them contemporaries of The Stalagmites.
  • 2) Her late husband, Baxter Moore, and I both went to Harvard, and we ran into each other at alumni functions; he was in the shipping business.
  • 3) The other is what we call our alumni client partners, which you see on page ten, or slide ten and when we began this approach of hiring a lot of new client partners as in 2005, and o those who were already with us at that time are called alumni and everybody else is one of the new classes.
  • 4) Most UK businesses with 10 staff or more will have at least one regular Facebook user among their employees; Facebook is also widely used to maintain alumni networks of current and former colleagues.
  • 5) Obviously, I'm not going to sell $5,000 worth of books to the Loughlin alumni, which got me to career day in the first place -- but who cares?
  • 6) There haven't been too many successful male alumni from the notorious fame academy unless you count him from the Kooks and Dane Bowers, perhaps because we like our boy pop stars authentic and real – maybe this is why grime artist Bashy, another Brit kid, has yet to break through.

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