alighted vs lighted

alighted lighted


  • 1) Filled with light; illuminated.
  • 2) set afire or burning.
  • 3) Illuminated by artificial light.


  • 1) They stole watches and cash from a safe and the pub was set alight as they fled.
  • 2) She turned to find her blouse had been set alight and had to frantically pat out the flames.
  • 3) Photographs also included the burnt patch of stubble in the field that had been set alight by the firing.
  • 4) Residents said that fighters had fled, setting it alight as they did so.
  • 5) If anyone is going to set this show alight now, it is him.
  • 6) Put some fireworks into your plantings this week to set your plot alight with flaming flowers, foliage and fruits as winter approaches.
  • 7) As they poured themselves glasses of alcohol-free champagne, they covered the pile in petrol and set it alight.
  • 8) An olive grove is alight, fire spreading in the dry heat, and the hillside is consumed by flames.
  • 9) The songs failed to set the world alight, but they impressed Fleetwood enough for him to invite them to join the band.
  • 10) But family folk groups do not normally set the charts alight.
  • 11) The house was also set alight but the fire was extinguished.
  • 12) Vehicles were set alight and shops looted.
  • 13) This would be set alight and the bird served with much pomp and ceremony.
  • 14) Tourists who cut short their holidays said they had seen buildings alight and crowds of angry demonstrators in the streets.
  • 15) But why set the building alight?
  • 16) More recently, he and some pals accidentally set his house alight after a firework prank.
  • 17) But the continent has come alight with Chinese enterprise.
  • 18) Within hours, the speech had set social media alight.
  • 19) At one point, they set alight a huge bonfire in the middle of the square.
  • 20) The mule was on holiday, but the fire was alight.
  • 21) Not quickly enough, if his recent experience of setting his face alight while cooking pasta is anything to go by.
  • 22) Her gaze alighted on something.
  • 23) At its peak a further six buses were alight at the Westbourne Park bus garage.
  • 24) Anne flew to the door, face alight, eyes glowing.
  • 25) When firefighters arrived at the scene just after 1am, they found a building and three buses alight.
  • 26) When the Indian gentleman looked at her as she entered, he saw that her face was all alight.
  • 27) A bird had alighted in the sand with a flash of blue and white feather, to peck at something thrown from the train.
  • 28) I, though, remain on the train and alight one stop northwest.
  • 29) Once the bride alighted from the carriage, the bridesmaids and ushers preceded her, two by two, as the father of the bride escorted her down the aisle.
  • 30) The bustle of the town where he had alighted from the stagecoach was far behind him.
  • 31) Despite those twenty years, it was the same old Tom Travers that alighted from the Pullman.
  • 32) There is a sense of exclusivity as well, since the Business Class passengers alighted from the plane before everyone else, had bigger television screens, tables had table covers.
  • 33) We abode on this wise a many of years till, one year we set out for the Castle of Jewels, as was our wont, and on the way thither alighted from the litter in this island to rest and take our pleasure therein.
  • 34) Princess Miriam and Nur al-Din alighted in that valley, they ate of its fruits and frank of its streams, after turning the stallions loose to pasture: then they sat talking and recalling their past and all that had befallen them and complaining one to other of the pangs of parting and of the hardships suffered for estrangement and love-longing.
  • 35) Joe and I were pulling into Vancouver having driven down the sunshine coast in pouring rain (hmmmmm) and alighted from the ferry.
  • 36) Presently Princess Miriam and Nur al-Din alighted to rest in this Wady, — And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased saying her permitted say.
  • 37) Then the old woman alighted from the jar and bestrode the third horse and they rode on, without ceasing, all night.


  • 1) She turned her head, ignoring the pain the movement caused as the square of bright light intruded.
  • 2) There was no street light here; the closest was at least thirty or forty metres up the street.
  • 3) He was dressed in golden armour that glittered in the dull afternoon light.
  • 4) Her face was clearly visible in the light from the open van door.
  • 5) One day while I lived on his place I went in company with another slave into the woods and caught a pig, which we knocked in the head with a large pine knot, which we called a lighted knot, but it so happened that the owner of the pig was in the woods, and hearing the pig squeel came to see what the matter was
  • 6) In the centre is an enormous circular counter … We ascend a broad staircase, which leads to ‘The Lounging Rooms’, and to the first of a series of circular galleries, lighted from the lantern of the dome, which also lights the ground floor.
  • 7) Women who lock the doors and make sure to walk in lighted areas with people still get raped.
  • 8) Disaster movie the whole fact that after the first two scary movies the quility went way way way waaaaay down since then and still it gets green lighted is crazy i saw the trailer chuckled at the Zohan spoof and watned to cry because this will still make money and fill seats its horrible it crams to much in and its stupid.
  • 9) Now these will be great if you have somewhere to project the image and they are bright enough to work in lighted areas.
  • 10) The Toronto-Canadians were underground, in lighted food courts.
  • 11) By the way, would you call the lighted Christmas tree that's just gone up next to the sculpture "art"?
  • 12) When the button next to that label lighted up, the phone was answered with special alacrity.

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