afterward vs afterwards

afterward afterwards


  • 1) US subsequently to some other action
  • 2) At a later time; subsequently.
  • 3) In later or subsequent time; subsequently.


  • 1) temporal location At a later or succeeding time.
  • 2) At a later or succeeding time.


  • 1) Judy's mental messages crossed mountains and vast vineyards, and soon afterward the veterinarian came to visit her.
  • 2) And afterward, when she held me to her, I could feel her cheeks wet against my face.
  • 3) As before, he didn’t say a word afterward regarding the incident, but it shook me.
  • 4) One feature of the iPad left unmentioned in the on-stage presentation but confirmed by Apple officials during the demo sessions afterward is that the iPad works not only with the $70 Apple keyboard dock but with Bluetooth keyboards as well.
  • 5) Varsky returns to Santiago, and not long afterward is kidnapped by Pinochet's secret police and never heard from again.
  • 6) What happens afterward is a testament to the power of a woman's love and determination, and to the invisible line of hope and healing that connects one human being with another.
  • 7) Separating the emotion during the see-saw extra-inning game and the euphoria afterward from the next task at hand was as much a challenge for the Twins as fatigue.


  • 1) We saw him a number of times afterwards and he appeared normal.
  • 2) Not long afterwards the British government confirmed that he was.
  • 3) I think about it for days afterwards.
  • 4) We have right now and not much time afterwards.
  • 5) They also promised to disrupt the general election soon afterwards.
  • 6) It stays with you for a long time afterwards although sadly it finishes today.
  • 7) It was agonising and it was still hurting days afterwards.
  • 8) The pair had met a few times afterwards but it soon fizzled out.
  • 9) The relationship went the same way soon afterwards.
  • 10) It may sound crazy but for days afterwards my skin did glow.
  • 11) Some players would have a very difficult time afterwards to get a good attitude.
  • 12) He was bundled out of the door shortly afterwards.
  • 13) For about three days afterwards he had to go to school with an ink moustache.
  • 14) And in the days afterwards he turned to alcohol.
  • 15) Remember to give your body time to adjust afterwards.
  • 16) He was unconscious for two days afterwards and underwent three operations to repair facial fractures and nerve damage.
  • 17) Shortly afterwards the boyfriend was jettisoned.
  • 18) Not long afterwards it had jumped to 15.4%.
  • 19) Not long afterwards the couple went out for drinks, which ended in a conversation at home about their feelings.
  • 20) Not long afterwards I also had purple highlights added.
  • 21) Soon afterwards Wellington appeared with his general staff, all very good copies of the originals.
  • 22) Soon afterwards a posse surrounded his small house at night, shouting that they had come to kill him and were preparing to burn it down.
  • 23) But, as a rule, if she did or said the wrong thing, she became painfully conscious of the fact immediately afterwards -- indeed, it was generally _afterwards_ that she grasped the full meaning of most things.
  • 24) Hence S. Augustine [143]: "When He says the former is _to be sought first_ (namely the kingdom of God), He means that the latter (namely temporal good things) are to be sought afterwards; not _afterwards_ in point of time, but _afterwards_ in point of importance; the former as our good, the latter as our need."
  • 25) Perola was afterwards obliged by his father to pay his homage to Hannibal; but as he bad imbibed the fentimcnts of Magius, he afterwards* formed a defign to ftab the Carthaginian general at an entertainment.
  • 26) It is not unlikely that, in that day, lands so brought into cultivation were designated as "terre Flandrenses," and the term afterwards anglicised into
  • 27) Christopher himself ever took up the title, and what became of the title afterwards?
  • 28) Well had his troops earned the title afterwards given them at Pekin, of the Ever-Victorious Army.
  • 29) TM: For you, does the concept come first, and the title afterwards?
  • 30) Either way, picture the vignettes described by each mnemonic as vividly as you can for at least five seconds, making sure to translate back and forth between the image and the word afterwards.
  • 31) She was in what he called afterwards "a regular state."
  • 32) ‘Shortly afterwards two men approached the wire gate but left a few seconds later.’
  • 33) ‘Then she heard a cracking noise and shortly afterwards the smoke detector sounded.’
  • 34) ‘He showed no concern or remorse but one witness saw him smiling shortly afterwards.’
  • 35) ‘Production will stop at the end of May and the factory will close shortly afterwards.’
  • 36) ‘The plan is to call for a vote on the deal in May and pay the dividends shortly afterward.’
  • 37) ‘Not only was it an interesting event, but there was lots of free wine afterwards!’
  • 38) ‘A lovely meal of sausages and chips in the cafe afterwards rounded off a great afternoon.’
  • 39) ‘Both of them told me afterwards what an excellent and moving thing it had been.’
  • 40) ‘Some time afterwards he discovered that money was being debited from his bank account.’
  • 41) ‘As Brad and I walked out of the theater afterwards, we knew we had just seen a masterpiece.’
  • 42) ‘She said afterwards that they had made her feel uneasy and that she had turned to go back home to avoid them.’
  • 43) ‘The only person who could do that would be somebody visiting the crime scene afterwards.’
  • 44) ‘I really wanted to spend time with Ruth but the party afterwards was totally hectic.’
  • 45) ‘Everyone I know who saw it was really affected by it, for years and years afterwards.’
  • 46) ‘Every doctor who came to see me afterwards said they hadn't expected to see me alive again.’
  • 47) ‘He was playing golf again very soon afterwards while the others took months to recover.’
  • 48) ‘He said afterwards that such a major development in a green belt was unacceptable.’
  • 49) ‘It was definitely something to laugh about afterwards but certainly not at the time.’
  • 50) ‘I had to stay for dinner as it was all arranged, but managed to make my escape afterwards.’
  • 51) ‘It was only afterwards that the couple learned of the unusual nature of the procedure.’
  • 52) he apologized afterwards

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