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The Best Tools Available to Boost Teamwork Efficiency in Your Business

Team efficiency is a vital component of organizational success. And as more and more teams find themselves working remotely across multiple locations, employing effective team working tools has become more important than ever. Here are just some of the very best tools currently out there on the market that can help boost team working activities in your business.


In terms of an efficient team messaging and collaborative communication service, it doesn’t get much better than Slack, as its popularity will attest to. Considerably more efficient than email, Slack enables you to organize teams into chat rooms by project, and unlike email, you can host video calls and even connect with other apps to fully integrate Slack into your organizational activities.


HubSpot is one of the market’s most popular providers of inbound marketing, sales and customer service software. It develops and markets a number of different products, including the ability to integrate activities across a whole number of team-based projects and services. Specifically related to teams, the Hubspot Teams feature allows for the organization of groups for communication and reporting purposes, also allowing the creation of team hierarchies.


As Clickup so confidently states, it’s the one app to replace them all, and with brands on board such as Nike and Netflix, it’s clear that Clickup succeeds in doing what it claims. Essentially with Clickup you can stick all of your activities – be that tasks, chats, content and documents, objectives and more – all in one place. It’s a hybrid of some of the other tools on this list, so while it may not be as comprehensive as some at one specific thing, Clickup neatly brings it all together, and when you work as part of a team, keeping things neat is one of the biggest challenges.


In terms of work and project management across teams, it doesn’t get better than Asana. This tool allows the smart creation and allocation of tasks and projects – multiple if required – and essentially allows for the clean delegation of tasks out among team members. Asana also allows for the sharing of communications across the platform, and is an incredibly user-friendly work management platform. 


Notion is your all-in-one workspace. Create a team wiki for knowledge-sharing, customize workflow with project and tasks functions including Kanban boards and tables, organize all your notes and documents, build a flexible CRM and even effectively onboard using the array of Notion features. As the product so boldly declares, solve problems unique to every function.


As Bryan Clark from The Next Web states, Milanote is the ‘Evernote for creatives’. This user-friendly tool allows the visualization of all your company’s ideas and projects. With Milanote you can collate notes and to-do-lists, upload any required images and files, save any desired text, links or images from the web and even add notes and images from your own cell. If visualization is the key to your team’s success, then Milanote is the tool your team needs. 


As great as all of the above tools are, they won’t ensure that your team is producing error-free content of a consistent quality, tone and voice. These are essential elements to your brand image, content marketing approach and basic communication practices, among other important considerations.

What you and your team needs is an AI-powered writing tool that intuitively corrects the full array of written mistakes that are likely to be made. And as the community at 

Product Hunt can confirm, Linguix is the number one business writing assistant on the market.

Linguix offers up an easy-to-use grammar assistant, fully stocked by linguists and language experts. There is also a comprehensive array of additional services, including expert-designed templates, an intuitive snippets feature that saves valuable time by allowing commonly used text to be clicked in when required, and then there is a full stock of statistics and management services which help you manage the quality of your team’s writing, wherever they may be producing the content. Create high standards of written content and consistency across the whole team, no matter where the location of individuals.  

What is also incredibly relevant to know is that Linguix will comfortably integrate with all of the team working tools mentioned here, as well as a host of other tools that your business may employ.

Now you just need to book a demo to see exactly what Linguix can do for your business. 

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