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How to Choose an Online Writing Assistant

Getting the help of an online writing assistant, or grammar checking tool makes smart sense. Here are just some of the common benefits brought about by availing of one of the many apps available:

·  Concise and correct grammatical constructions that facilitate powerful and clear communication.

·  Error-free vocabulary spelling and word selection.

·  Contextual recommendations.

But what should you be looking for in your online writing assistant? Here are some of the most important considerations

User interface

The UX of a tool is one of the most fundamental elements in selection, and in terms of a clear, concise and easy-to-follow interface, there are essentially pros and cons to all the major players in terms of grammar checking and writing assistant tools. Linguix, however, can boast a 2018 Premium Usability Award from Finances Online in support of its claims of a clean, and responsive interface.

High functionality

Look carefully at what the tool can actually do. While some are nothing more than glorified spelling-checkers, the best on the market offer not only a step up from this, with AI-powered grammatical reviews and recommendations to streamline your writing, but Linguix, for example, also offers a content creation library in the form of templates that can be utilized to create a range of written materials such as different types of essays related to college work (such as argumentative, narrative and expository essays), press releases, case studies, and blog posts, among others.

In terms of checking your vocabulary, Linguix also offers a vocabulary enhancement tool by which you can check through synonyms of the word you have selected in order to find the option that hits hardest. Linguix also offers a readability score based on your text that you can use to clearly ascertain the quality of your written content, and aim for better each time as you learn and improve.

But perhaps most exciting of all, Linguix’s sophisticated AI tracks the tendencies of users in their writing, providing truly contextual recommendations that other grammar and writing tools cannot achieve.


Another aspect of your writing assistant’s capability that is integral to your selection is the reach of the tool. Or, in other words, where exactly can the tool be used (easily)? Ideally, you don’t want to have to be writing everything in one document, then having to copy and paste once you are done.

With Linguix, once you have downloaded the Chrome, Firefox or Edge extensions, all of your favorite social media and online platforms can be used in collaboration with the tool’s AI-powered writing assistant. For example, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Medium, plus millions of other people sites, can be written on, mistake-free, with Linguix’s powerful machine learning-based assistance.


In the digital age, privacy is rightly a prime concern, so again this needs to be an important element when selecting the right online writing assistant.

Linguix’s Pastebin mode operates akin to secret chat in WhatsApp, meaning that the text you write is not stored or accessible by others, ensuring the highest level of security for your sensitive content.


Price is always an essential consideration, and with Linguix Premium currently available at $60 per year, it clearly leads the way again in terms of cost efficiency and value. The free version is also a fantastic tool for those not yet willing to commit financially.

In summary, choosing an online writing assistant, like choosing any tool, boils down to your individual needs as well as the crucial considerations of UX, functionality, privacy, and price. Quite simply, Linguix ticks all of the boxes.

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