How Smile Bright Media Agency Cut Editing Time by 68% With Linguix

Smile Bright Media is a digital marketing agency with 100+ clients offering a variety of digital marketing services, including primarily SEO, content marketing, and email marketing. 

Copywriting services are integral to the other services an agency offers to its clients, as you can’t optimize for SEO without great content, etc.

The challenge

Smile Bright Media faced a situation, when many of their customers had lots of stylistic, preferential, and brand-focused edits. Such style-related refinements and edits increased the time to get content finalized, published, and driving results. The company was looking for a solution that could help to decrease these edits by getting recommendations on changes to make to comply with the style preferred by a client. 

Another important challenge was to provide agency clients with content scores around readability, grammar, style, and more to help them trust in the content and reduce edits. 

“Our team serves dozens of customers from various industries. Our challenge is to create engaging content that is compliant to the industry’s and the client’s tone of voice, so that we could get approval and deliver results faster.”

Valerie Samsonova, Smile Bright Media, Head of Content

The Solution

Once Valerie found Linguix Team, she onboarded her team of 20 writers and asked them to use the platform. Using Linguix became a mandatory requirement when working on any piece of content for agency clients. This ensured that every writer on her team was getting the same feedback. Linguix Team acted as an editing assistant and a benchmarking tool that helps to understand when the content complies with the client’s style and is ready to be sent for review.

“We create a style guide based on requirements we receive from a client and set specific Content Quality Score benchmarks to define when it is time to send the piece for review,” said Valerie. “If any of our writers is using non-compliant words, they get notified instantly, and they keep improving the piece until the required Content Quality Score is met.”


New projects completed in a year.


Words checked by Linguix Team.

The Results

Thanks to Linguix Team, Valerie and her team were able to decrease the number of editing rounds before the client approves the final copy. No matter how skilled a writer is, it is hard to write great content for companies from various industries. Having style guides and Content Quality Scores for benchmarking helped to keep the high level for the content and reduce the number of edits needed from the client’s side.

Thanks to time saved on applying clients’ comments, Valerie’s team was able to increase output. The more editors at Smile Bright Media create, the better it is for the business, but only if the content is extremely high quality.

Keys to Success

Make Linguix Team a mandatory part of content creation

Linguix is extremely useful when it isn’t a “nice-to-have” tool. Instead, Smile Bright Media marketing editorial team made an integral part of their process. Every writer on Valerie’s team is required to use Linguix and adjust the content until the desired Content Quality Score is achieved. This allows to create content that requires much fewer edits on the client’s side compared to the process before Linguix Team was introduced.

Set and enforce standards

To reach her goal of cutting back copy approval times, Valerie asked her team members to use Linguix Team for every piece of content they craft. If the Content Quality Score was below 80, writers needed to improve their work and make sure there are no pending Style Guide recommendations before it could be sent for review by the client. Editor just won’t send the copy to the client if the Content Quality Score was less than 80 and the writing assistant showed any not resolved Style Guide corrections.

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