9 Best Grammar Apps For Android

It is a known fact that English has become a leading international language. There are a number of people who can speak English but very few can speak English with correct grammar. It is very common to spell a word wrongly and it is tolerable if you are speaking English daily or trying. 

But when you are running an online business internationally, it is very important to speak English with correct grammar. Bad grammar may put your professional career at risk, as it is said that good English with correct grammar and punctuation is key to making a good impression. So, because of bad grammar, your client may get offended with you which will be a great loss for you and your reputation in the industry. That’s why it is very important to learn good grammar. 

For this purpose, you will have a wide range of grammar courses on the internet, lots of grammar tools on the windows operating system and many other sources to improve grammar, but, as we all know that, now Androids are more preferable than desktops. We have a wide range of improving grammar apps that help you to improve your grammar. One more interesting fact is that you don’t need to go anywhere to improve your grammar. You can learn grammar anywhere, anytime just by opening an app on your Android smartphone.

The top 9 best improve grammar apps are discussed below:

  1. Linguix keyboard
  2. Learn English grammar
  3. English grammar in use
  4. Basic English grammar
  5. Johnny grammar word challenges
  6. English grammar book
  7. Oxford Grammar and punctuation
  8. English grammar test
  9. Udemy

Now, let’s take a look one by one at the features of these top 9 best improve grammar apps:

Linguix keyboard:

Price: Free

Linguix keyboard is an improved grammar app with Al-assistant. This Al-assistant helps you to write with fluency and increases your writing productivity. It helps to fix millions of grammatical mistakes in your English texts. Instant action of checking spellings, punctuation, and grammar mistakes make this app incredibly amazing. You can improve your English grammar through this app.

The features of this app include 2700 advanced grammar, style, and spelling corrections, a database of 9 million typos, punctuation, and typography recommendations. This app contains comprehensive email reports with insights into your writing. Non-native English speakers can easily use this app as it is friendly to use. It helps them to understand their mistakes, not demotivate them. This app is very secure as no data is stored in its servers longer than necessary for correction. You can use this app anywhere and anytime you want.

Learn English grammar:

Price: Free

Learn English grammar app is among the best basic apps for grammar which helps you to learn, practice and when you will test your skills you’ll be able to figure out your weaknesses. In that case, you will be able to improve your skills. This amazing grammar app covers around 100+ grammar topics. It covers grammar topics using simple explanations with examples and pictures which helps the audience to understand without any difficulty. More than 2000 questions related to grammar attract beginners and people with intermediate levels to improve English through this grammar app. It includes 20 English grammar units in every test. You can use this app without an internet connection. It covers all grammar topics with their types. Whether you are learning English or a native English speaker this basic grammar app will help you understand the structure of English.

English grammar in use:

Price: Free/Up to $15.50

English grammar in use app is the world’s best-selling improve grammar app by grammar professor Raymond Murphy. It is a grammar reference and practice app, best for people who self-study. This is the only grammar app for learners of intermediate level which is downloaded more than one million times. This app is best for classroom grammatical activities and includes 6 grammar units. All these units are with clear explanations and exercises, which helps you to first learn and then test your skills. It includes a guide so that it will become easy for you to decide which units you need to study. It also contains a glossary of grammar words that increase your vocabulary. It has 145 grammar units and you can buy all these units after downloading the starter pack. It is one of the most expensive grammar apps but this app is worth buying. There is one more amazing fact about this app, it has audio recordings of the example sentences which will help you to improve your learning skills as well. In this way, you’ll be able to understand English while talking to others. It has an auto-correct option which shows you the correct answer automatically. The majority of the audience seems to enjoy using this app.

Basic English grammar:

Price: Free/$2.01

Basic English grammar as shown in the name is a basic improved grammar app that allows you to improve your grammatical skills on a daily basis. The topics covered by this grammar app are parts of speech, the English tenses system, articles, reported speech, and punctuation. It is available on android which is helpful in learning basic English grammar. It has a translator which supports over 100 languages.

It contains over 230 grammar lessons and over 480 short tests which helps you to test your skills after learning which is an important step for improving your skills. This app contains no ads, that is why it is easy to use this app because there will be no interruption in learning. Learning English grammar anywhere, anyplace, and anytime is made possible through this app. This android application is a robust tool to learn English very fast with fluency and correct grammar.

Johnny grammar word challenges:

Price: Free

Johnny grammar word challenges is basically a quiz game app where you have to attend a quiz and answer the questions asked about grammar, punctuation, spellings, and vocabulary. It is basically a quiz game app in which you are given 60 seconds and you have to race against a clock and answer as many questions as you can. This app helps you to test your skills and make you able to understand your mistakes so that you can learn from them. So that you will be able to improve your grammar through this app. It includes different levels from beginners to advanced, in this way anyone can use this app, either you are a beginner or an advanced level English speaker. It covers a wide range of topics such as food, hobbies, and restaurants.

By doing progress, you can earn badges in this app and make yourself able to compete with other people worldwide. Its main features include 3 difficulty levels (i.e.Easy, medium, and hard), you can share your score with others on the leaderboard and if you give the wrong answer, feedback will be shared with you as, why the answer was wrong. You can use this app free of cost and improve your grammar skills.

English grammar book:

Price: Free

English grammar book app is among the older improved grammar apps. This grammar app has a wide range of comprehensive index of grammatical terms which includes Adjectives, adverbs, articles, active and passive voice, usage rules, types of sentences, auxiliary verbs, and conditionals. It also includes practice exercises where you can answer the questions and test your skills. You can understand the English structure from this app. This app covers 138 grammar points. Features of this app include a detailed explanation for every topic covered, for better understanding and reading of explanation, tables are shown, simple user interface, and practice exercises. You can use this app anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

This app is one click far. Another most interesting fact about this app is, it has no ads which mean you can use it smoothly with no interruption. These interesting facts make this app incredibly amazing.

Oxford Grammar and punctuation:

Price: Free/ up to $10.99

Oxford Grammar and punctuation app is a grammar and punctuation app as it is shown from its name. It is easy to use and comprehensive as well. It includes 250 rules for grammar and punctuation which are clearly explained. The best thing about this app is, it uses examples to clarify grammatical points. It has a supplementary section that gives an overview of grammatical points and helps in understanding the structure of English grammar. It contains a wide range of subjects and includes specified terms so that it can be used for homework and general use as well.

The Oxford A-Z of grammar and punctuation provides basic information about grammar and punctuation which is needed on a daily basis just by giving examples of real-world usage. It is arranged alphabetically, contains standard geometrical terms and questions related to it so that people of all levels can find this app essential for learning English and improving their grammar. This app consists of tools including search and language tools. The search tool includes search autocomplete, keyword lookup, fuzzy filter, camera search, voice search, share the word, and swipe-to-delete options.

The learning tool includes features like favorites, word of the day, and recent features. One more amazing fact about this app is that it has offline mode and it adds free. You can look up words even if you don’t have an internet connection. It is one of the best improve grammar apps.

English grammar test:

Price: Free

English grammar test is among the most popular and frequently used grammar apps. Its clear interface and stunning make it easy to test your grammar skills and improve them. As it is shown from the name that it is a test grammar app. People of intermediate level and upper-intermediate level can use this app very easily.

There are two levels of test each containing 30 tests with 20 exercises and 20 English grammar units are added in each test. If you’ve done anything wrong, the app will guide you on why your answer was wrong. Its features include 60 tests and 1200 English exercises, simple explanations, total score and progress analytics, and daily English lessons and exercises.


Price: Free / Class prices vary

Udemy is an ideal app for online courses and learning processes. It covers 3400+ topics. Its features include offline learning, dark mode, learning reminders, learning on the big screen, notes, quizzes, Q/A sessions, and lifetime access. This app contains the latest knowledge which helps you to improve your grammar and English learning skills through this app. It has countless 5-star courses with over 65 languages. It delivers practical and professional skills and prepares for the exams of IT, project management, and more.

You will also get certificates after completion of paid courses which will help you in the future for your job resume. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from app development to arts, photography, and music. It contains online videos along with courses, so you can watch videos when you buy a course. You can easily ask questions anytime to the instructors when needed. You can use this app and some courses free of cost.

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