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7 Chrome Extensions Every English Learner Need To Know

Google Chrome is the #1 web browser nowadays, and it could not only be used for online surfing but help in education.

We’ve come up with a list of seven extremely useful Chrome extensions that will help you to enhance your English writing, spelling, listening skills, and extend vocabulary.


Free online writing assistant, an extended premium version is also available. Users can check their writing using the web app with advanced statistics or go with browser extension instead. After the installation, the tool will follow you on the web and suggest corrections to your writing detecting grammar, spelling, and style issues. To apply the proposed fix, click on it.

Always having an example of correct wording is crucial in mastering English writing skills, so the tool will be useful for those who want to write better.

Linguix.com supports popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, mail services like Gmail, and blog-platforms like Medium and WordPress.

Read & Write

One of the best extensions for language learners, which is not focused on English solely. Key features: text-to-speech translation and vice versa, text and picture dictionaries, contextual recommendations. If you are confused about how the particular word sounds or what does it mean, this is the perfect tool to find the answer.


This extension is handy for vocabulary enhancement. After the registration, you need to choose the target language, set up your weekly goals, and start solving tasks. Duolingo offers courses divided into modules grouped to master specific skills.

Pronunciation Checker

In case you want to master your pronunciation along with writing, reading, and vocabulary, this extension will come as super handy. Its voice recognition technology is good ad detecting spelling errors. Users can add their preferred audio files or learn other languages, besides English, as well.


This extension switches the foreign word with native language alternative in one click. Also, users can create cards for better phrase memorization. The system supports 40 languages.


Another listening training tool. You need to highlight the text on the webpage to convert it to speech. The tool supports 50+ languages and extremely useful for English learning.

Google Translate

Surprisingly, Google developers have created useful extension for their Translate service. It can be applied for instant translation of the unknown words everywhere on the web.

What useful language learning Chrome extensions do you know? Share links in comments below!

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