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7 Best Websites To Improve Your English Grammar And Writing Skills

The English language is an international language with demands improved and developed grammatical and writing skills. Therefore, everyone wants to speak fluent English either a native or a non-native person. 

If you think you can write English by neglecting the Grammar rules; let’s have a look at an example below.

Let’s eat Sarah!

It seems like you want to eat Sarah. Here, the importance of Grammar gets in!

Let’s eat, Sarah!

Yeah! That’s quite better.

So, Grammar is like a magic wand, putting life into the sentences by enhancing the message that the writer wants to convey. Moreover, it develops a better understanding for the readers.

Here is another example to elaborate the role of Grammar in any language:

Mark loves baking, his pet, and dancing. Perfect!

But, if you don’t add the comas, the sentence structure and its meaning seem horrible.

Mark loves baking his pet and dancing. Oops!

Therefore, Grammar and Writing skills are essential to convey what exactly you want to deliver. It’s not easy, but we can’t say “it’s impossible.” We can learn anything by putting effort in the right direction.

Choosing The Right Resource 

You can’t learn all at once. So, you must think before starting; what is more important to learn first. You should start with your weakest parts of Grammar. It will help you gradually master English Grammar.

The main categories of Grammar websites that help in specific part:

Spelling and Grammar Checkers: 

If you think you are weak at Spelling and Grammar, various Spelling and Grammar websites are available. 

But, keep in mind that these websites are suitable for excellent writers to avoid Spelling and Grammar errors. In contrast, this is not recommended to a beginner as they need to develop their writing skills. 

Lessons and Classes: 

There are different websites available on the internet to take lessons and classes on the specific area of developing writing skills. These classes help the beginners in enhancing their unfocused skills.

Writing Advice: 

If you are looking for writing advice, you should look for blogs and articles of advanced writers.

Such websites provide insight into useful tips, writing styles, and patterns. You can have access to this writing advice from YouTube.


The habit of daily writing can be a helpful source in improving writing skills and Grammar. When you write it down, it gets into your mind for a long time. So, try to write whatever you think.

7 Websites: Help You Develop Your Writing Skills and English Grammar 

As we know that the English language is used all around the globe. Therefore, all must develop their communication as well as writing skills to show their worthiness.

For your skill improvement and development in English Grammar, 10 websites are provided that will help you a lot. These websites are either for Grammar improvement or English skill development.

1. Writing Forward

Not everyone can afford the expensive language classes to improve their skills. Therefore, you can avail yourself of the opportunity available to you online, which is “Writing Forward.”

It’s a blog that assists you by providing engaging posts on Grammar, creative writing, and many more. Thus, if you want to get tips on Grammar rules, go to its “Grammar Tips” section. 

However, you can learn different aspects of the writing processes such as; from drafting to publishing content. Thus, you must visit the website to check out the other features.

2. 5 Minute English

If you are a non-native, you must look into the 5 Minutes English website which is specifically designed for non-natives. You can get the chance to cover different topics of the English Language.

Furthermore, 5 Minute English gives a fast, and quick review of the challenging and tricky topics of the English language.

3. Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is an efficient way to improve and enhance your Grammar and writing skills. You can practice, learn, and then test yourself about what you have learned.

All we can say is that Daily Grammar provides you approximately 400 lessons and 80 quizzes for free. So, you can achieve what you have desired to learn. 

4. 750 Words

We, human beings like to procrastinate! Therefore, we get lazy about writing down our ideas, thoughts, and views. Like;

“I’ll write after some time, let’s do something else.”

“There is no need to write, I’ll remember it.”

So, when we don’t spare time to sit down at a quiet place and start writing whatever comes to our mind. In this way, we procrastinate the development of writing skills. 

Don’t worry about it. Every problem has a solution. The 750 Words is a great tool to track your writing regularly. The objective of this website is to enable you to write 750 words daily. 

You can consider 750 words as your teacher because it gives you writing feedback regarding its style and language. Moreover, it concentrates on your writing habit and encourages you to write more.

5. Grammar Bytes

Let’ talk about the free resource available online to learn Grammar rules and lessons, it is Grammar Bytes. It is suitable and recommended for intermediates to learn quickly. The learners get the opportunity to learn different and complex concepts of Grammar.

Grammar Bytes has a user-friendly interface and helps you interactively teach exercises and lessons. Moreover, this allows you to understand, learn and test your skills daily. 

The catchy feature is that you can get the printout of the exercises of Grammar Bytes, so you can do the exercises by hand.

6. FluentU

FluentU is a useful resource for improving English Grammar and writing skills online. However, it is not free, but you can avail of the free trial for videos and other content.

It is suitable for all learners from basic to native speakers. You can practice Grammar exercises with examples.

FluentU allows you to interact by listening to real examples. Hearing is another way to learn effectively. The more you interact, the more you learn; and remember the phrases and words.

7. English Grammar 101

Another essential tool that is helpful to all writers for improving their skills, is English Grammar 101. However, it is paid.

English Grammar 101 is like a Grammar textbook that you can store on your device and you don’t need to worry about carrying weight anywhere.

Final Words:

Improvement is required either it is for personal growth or professional development. Therefore, in a global village; where the English language is an international language; you need improvement. 

The improvement of Grammar and writing skills is essential for career goals and better communication. Without the proper use of Grammar, you can’t convey your message efficiently.

The article is all about useful resources and websites for developing English Grammar and improving English writing skills. 

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