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5 Reasons to Use Linguix Browser Extensions

The Grammar Checker tool by Linguix goes beyond the simple corrections offered up by most writing assistants with the detail of its applications, as well as the number of features that are included.

The Linguix AI-powered writing assistant is available to download for free as a browser extension on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Here are just five reasons why you should:

Fix typos and grammar mistakes wherever you are writing on the net

At heart, the Linguix tool is an advanced grammar and style checking tool that goes beyond what you will have come to expect from most simple tools of this kind. The Linguix tool applies 2000+ context-based rules and over 1700+ common patterns developed by Linguists in order to power the algorithm that scans your texts in detail.

The result is stylish and error-free texts that you can be proud of. And the tools apply wherever you write on the web, once you have downloaded the free extension.

Brighten up your writing with suitable synonyms

As well as the correction of grammar, stylistics and spelling mistakes, the Linguix tool provides you with a detailed list of synonyms for whatever word you choose to highlight. As a result, you can peruse the list of options and select the word that is most suitable for the context and your audience. In this way, you are not just creating flawless texts, but you are developing your language skills too.

Enhance your vocabulary with the look up in Linguix feature

Another way in which Linguix educates as well as assists is in the “lookup in Linguix” feature. Once you have downloaded the extension, you now have the ability to click on any word you read on the web and get a definition of that word provided by Linguix, as well as a list of synonyms. In that way, you are benefitting from a powerful education tool that goes beyond just the simple correction of grammar (far beyond!)

Get lightning-fast Google Docs support

In February 2020 Linguix released a support feature for Google Docs, allowing instant grammar and style recommendations for any writing in Google Docs. But development continued and integration was redesigned in order to include document support for pieces of work up to 30 pages long, meaning the full Linguix support package can be applied to college essays, detailed business reports, blog posts or any other larger texts in Google Docs at the expected high level of Linguix performance. In fact, tests have shown that the Linguix tool works faster than most well-known competitors in this regard.

In addition, you can avoid any delays when opening and running documents that you don’t intend to edit by using the “view-only” option. However, if you change your mind as you are browsing, simply hit the “check it” button to start the AI-based algorithm for checking for corrections.

Get advanced statistics related to your writing

Upgrade to become a Premium user with Linguix and avail of the tool’s brand-new feature: advanced statistics. Copy and paste your writing into Linguix, and then move over to where the number of mistakes is accumulated on the side of the screen. Click the diagram icon here and immediately receive a comprehensive list of statistics and a readability score relating to your text.

The statistics included here cover all manner of elements such as document length, the time it will take to read the text, and the average length of words and sentences included in the text. The overall readability score provided is based on the Flesch test, and as a result, you can tailor your language and style to the audience that you intend to reach out to.

These are just some of the main reasons why the Linguix Grammar Checker is one of the best writing tools out there and can help elevate your texts, wherever they feature, to higher levels of quality and suitability.

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