[ US /ˈzaɪənɪst/ ]
  1. a Jewish supporter of Zionism
  1. relating to or characteristic of a supporter of Zionism
    the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl
  2. relating to or characteristic of Zionism
    the Zionist movement
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How To Use Zionist In A Sentence

  • Nations. yep, it's pretty quaint stuff, couched in terms of newness and normalcy, of foreigness and familiarity. it describes the music as modern and "swingy" and yet timeless, as being of universal appeal - they belong to everyone - and yet "from a single nationality." i wonder whether the universalist rhetoric was meant to appeal to non-jews or simply to jews ambivalent about their jewishness? or am i simply being naive about midcentury, metropolitan jewishness? it is interesting to me also that, apparently, zionist discourse had not yet divorced the term palestinian from any association with jewish heritage. Wayneandwax.com
  • Zionist program and pay the annual contribution, known as a shekel, varying from 15 cents to 25 cents in different countries. The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915
  • prof lesbica porcate video fica esibizionista foto natiche tope vergini fica grossa e donne sfondate immagini bulma tettone fica senza mutande sorelle lesbiche foto culi cubane piedini gratis figone free storie di inculate orge esbiche ivy bbw  Detective work on the Sherlock copyright issue
  • The Zionists tried to de-bourgeoisify Jews by creating a national economy in which Jews would hold all the jobs, including farmer and soldier, rather than just the bourgeois middle-man-minority jobs at which they made much money, but also elicited dangerous resentment from other peoples. VDARE.com: Blog Articles » Print » David Brooks: The Tel Aviv Cluster
  • Early Zionist leaders, from the late nineteenth century onwards, consciously set out to create a class of Jews who were the opposite of the Jews of the shtetl (the traditional Eastern European Jewish ghetto).
  • Now if you wish to annex, and make the Palestinians citizens, this would cease to be a Jewish nation-state and you’d be offering Israel’s enemies the hallowed “one-state-of-Palestine-secular-and-democratic” that is: another Arab state like many others; if you wish to annex but to withhold citizenship from the Palestinians, you’d be making true the antisemitic lie of “zionist apartheid”; either way annexion is *not-gonna-happen*. Jewish Voice for Peace calls on Michael Moore to make his next film about US/Israel relationship | Jewschool
  • It wasn't until last year that the kibbutzniks of Degania, ardent Zionists, voted to build a synagogue.
  • Zionist Occupied Government, or ZOG, is a phrase employed by most American neo-Nazi groups to describe the current federal government. Mark Potok: Alleged Georgia Plotters Belonged to Racist, Anti-Semitic Group
  • Volunteers have also raised funds from synagogues in the US, for the “special aim of the yeshiva which is to attract more young Jewish families by strengthening and maintaining the Zionist Jewish character of this ancient Jewish city.” 16 « October « 2008 « Niqnaq
  • It's possible that "Jewish Nazis" would be accurate enough, but I suspect you'd like that even less than you like "Zionist" and would then accuse us of Jew-baiting and anti-Semitism. Waxman Attacks Winograd On Israel; Ignites A Political Firestorm
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