worn out

  1. drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted
    the day's shopping left her exhausted
    only worn-out horses and cattle
    you look worn out
    was fagged and sweaty
    he went to bed dog-tired
    felt completely washed-out
    the trembling of his played out limbs
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How To Use worn out In A Sentence

  • He wore a pair of worn out old sneakers that matched his worn out old jean trousers.
  • Have a list of what you know works for you and find replacements if they have worn out. Times, Sunday Times
  • He was a legend in his hometown for having worn out many pairs of straw sandals, as he walked hundreds of miles to the port of Yokohama, to book passage on a boat to North America.
  • You're worn out, Laura," he said. "Go home and get some rest.".
  • By late afternoon Glover was feeling glad not to be worn out for the mild diversion of Halloween.
  • Worn out or dirty spark plugs are a common cause of misfiring in petrol engines, and cleaning or replacing them can make your car go better. Times, Sunday Times
  • Since many drivers and stablemen were uninformed, and even human labourers were overworked and dismissed once they were ‘worn out’, it is not surprising that maltreatment of horses was common.
  • The choice of phrases in Ballads and Songs, and perhaps more in serious pieces, is of much importance; a common use of old worn out words I do not like, such as erst, whilom, and a thousand more; and yet to take up and use Letter 94
  • After a hot, unlively march of four hours (= eleven miles), on mules worn out by want of water, we dismounted at a queer isolated lump on the left of the track. The Land of Midian
  • When I discard clothing nowadays it's because it is worn out, yet I am loathe to throw anything away.
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