How To Use Windless In A Sentence

  • This region of tropical rain-forests, with its moist, windless climate and constant warmth provides ideal conditions for the growth and well-being the cocoa tree.
  • And at some distance beyond the top of the hill he sat down on the bank beside a nettled ditch, and with his book pressed down upon the wayside grass struck a match, and holding it low in the scented, windless air turned slowly the cockled leaf. The Return
  • The quiet sun blazed down through the clear windless air and made a furnace of our hole in the sand. Chapter 13
  • A heavier line and finally a steel rope then followed, a wooden box was slung on two steel sheaves from the steel rope and pulled by a steel wire from both ends and a windless operated by an African.
  • Some say the old warhorses of the energy age, coal and nuclear power stations, will still be needed to cope with windless, sunless, waveless days.
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  • Only an attack by a voracious swarm of midges then spoilt a leisurely paddle under a warm, summer sun on a perfect, windless day.
  • She saw the column of pale smoke rising vertically into the windless air from the chimney. COVER STORY
  • The wind industry has received most of this $2 billion; today Angular Force Generation also known as windless windmill technology creates a new paradigm. WebWire | Recent Headlines
  • As a result, we used to sleep with the many others on the open terrace, looking at the stars in a windless night, hoping that the fumes from the mosquito coil would keep away the buzzing creatures from us.
  • By the light of the garage lamps I could see that it was still snowing, a windless, silent snow. Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die the Deep End of Fear
  • A white sun, chivied of outline by a white sky, boomed over a windless day. Tender is the Night
  • A perfect recipe for a stifling night is a sunny day, a windless night, with a cocktail of air pollution. Weatherwatch: Heat and discomfort in the city
  • It's built to offer a completely fake space, a windless, rainless, changeless place far beyond reach of the human body clock. Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight by James Attlee – review
  • We've had some superb windless and cloudless nights recently, which means we've woken up to gardens saturated by heavy dew the next morning.
  • The weather was simply incredible: sunny, windless, and in the mid-60s Fahrenheit.
  • He prefers windless days for playing golf.
  • It's an album that is as beautiful, harmonious and calm as a blue sky on a windless day.
  • It should have surprised no one that two years later, on a hot, windless afternoon in June 1876, General George Armstrong Custer and his Seventh Cavalry were wiped out by the Sioux near a river in southeastern Montana called the Little Bighorn. Betrayed!
  • Wind power cannot entirely replace fossil-fueled plants because some generating capacity must be maintained on standby for windless periods.
  • The battery bank must be sized to absorb the influx of wind-generated electricity and bridge the gap of windless (and sunless) periods.
  • Choose a still, windless day to climb it, otherwise the name is likely to prove very apt!
  • The crew experienced all that Bass Strait could offer, from a calm windless night to a south-westerly gale, but with the team working well together, all events became just part of the sailing experience.
  • In the _American Journal of Science_, 1-42-196, we are told of a yellow substance that fell by the bucketful upon a vessel, one "windless" night in June, in Pictou Harbor, Nova Scotia. The Book of the Damned
  • Only an attack by a voracious swarm of midges then spoilt a leisurely paddle under a warm, summer sun on a perfect, windless day.
  • he prefers windless days for playing golf
  • This craft is the first of its kind, and will require an almost windless day to successfully cross the channel. Stephane Rousson’s Zeppy « Skid Roche
  • And it was a windless dawn after a hot night, and a light mist lay upon the face of the water, and above it rose the greenery of the eyot. The Water of the Wondrous Isles
  • A nice sunny windless day is the best day for me to hunt since your sights will stay sighted in and not have to worry about them. In New York, what is the best weather for squirrels to come out?
  • It was a hot, windless noon hour like a slot between two warring weather systems. THE SHIPPING NEWS
  • The downpour did not intensify by degrees but simply gushed forth with biblical fury, vertical and windless.
  • The last Mariposa lily vanished from the burnt grasses as the California Indian summer dreamed itself out in purple mists on the windless air. CHAPTER XXXVI

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