How To Use Web-footed In A Sentence

  • Some students choosing to opt out feel we should be kinder to our web-footed friends.
  • This web-footed rodent living in the bayous and backwoods of Louisiana has become a kind of unofficial state animal, an anointed nuisance with resident status.
  • There is another kind of daw found in Lybia and Phrygia, which is web-footed. The History of Animals
  • The white pelican of North America is a large, web-footed bird with an enormous throat pouch for scooping up fish.
  • Others, like the web-footed tenrec, sport adaptations for aquatic life and hunt crustaceans and insect larvae under water. Smithsonian
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  • There is, however, another, and a much smaller bird, the Dipper, or ousel, which is still more at home in the water than the loon, and that without being web-footed, but it is probably less of a diver. Rural Hours
  • All born blind, they say, slack-jawed and simple, web-footed, rickety as sticks. Robertson wins Forward Prize for best single poem

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