How To Use Wearisome In A Sentence

  • Moreover, he had to worry about all manner of dull work: petitions were read, proclamations heard, and patents and all manner of wordy, repetitious and wearisome papers had to be attended to.
  • Sympathising with him eventually becomes somewhat wearisome.
  • As it happens to thee in the amphitheatre and such places, that the continual sight of the same things and the uniformity make the spectacle wearisome, so it is in the whole of life; for all things above, below, are the same and from the same.
  • I likewise can call the lutist and the singer; but the sounds that pleased me yesterday weary me to-day, and will grow yet more wearisome to - morrow. Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
  • Were they all dead, spring would in vain renew her promise -- wearisome would be the long, long, interminable summer-days -- the fruits of autumn would taste fushionless -- and the winter's ingle blink mournfully round the hearth. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 406, December 26, 1829
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  • Vivi couldn't see how anything could go wrong, and never thought of the long-term tenacity of the Director, who was already pondering wearisome sporadic whorl-checks of white-starred bays for years to come. The Elvis Latte
  • He offered me his hand, and we were out of sight of all that wearisome, drearisome, uncompanionable company with whom, for eight long weeks at least, we had been dragging our rough way. Erema
  • Through it all, waking or sleeping, ran a thread of wearisome pain -- limbs so stiff and flesh so bruised that it seemed to Ann as though the wontedly comfortable mattress on which she lay had been stuffed with lumps of coal. The Vision of Desire
  • It would be wearisome to go into any more detail.
  • Simple repetitive tasks can be very wearisome.
  • Shellful after shellful of the dirt did Ab carry from where the pit was to be, trotting patiently back and forth, but the work was wearisome and there was a great waste of energy. The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man
  • Immediately, Seltu lunged his body at his foe, hoping finally to rid himself of her wearisome life.
  • An hour's amusement, not amusing either, but wearisome and dreary, to a high-dizened select populace of male and female persons, who seemed to me not worth much amusing! The International Monthly Magazine, Volume 5, No. 1, January, 1852
  • He is finely convincing in his portentous and lengthy narration, which can be wearisome if the words are enunciated less clearly than here.
  • The fundamental laws, considered as a whole, were the wisest devisable to suit the peculiar circumstances of the Colony; but whilst many of them were disregarded or treated as a dead letter, so many loopholes were invented by the dispensers of those in operation as to render the whole system a wearisome, dilatory process. The Philippine Islands
  • After a long and wearisome trial he was condemned on June 22, 1633, solemnly to abjure his scientific creed on bended knees.
  • It's sometimes wearisome, sometimes amusing, to see partisan Democrats and Republicans constantly accusing the other side of things that both sides are constantly guilty of.
  • Our national character might also find the ever-smiling country club environment wearisome.
  • While jocular and jovial most of the time, these two titans can grow a bit wearisome with their constant credit taking.
  • As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow, and as an hireling looketh for the reward of his work: So am I made to possess months of vanity, and wearisome nights are appointed to me. Jumpy beat of American English
  • But Dole, at 73, comes to bat very late in a long and wearisome game.
  • For most of us, the lack of daylight is a wearisome fact of life.
  • Though his shaggy little horse showed no signs of distress, Malcolm kicked his feet free from the stirrups and descended, for his journey had been a long one, the day was poisonously hot and the steppe across which he had ridden, for all its golden beauty, its wealth of blue cornflour and yellow genista, had been wearisome. The Book of All-Power
  • Pictures painted in shades of green are passive and tend to be wearisome, which contrasts with the active warmth of yellow or the active coolness of blue.
  • These hard-won, fond, wearisome, and implacable wives were, after all, just temporary makeshifts.
  • That's fun when you start, but after 15 years it can become wearisome.
  • Svein Estrithson, always beaten during Magnus's life, by and by got an agreement from the prudent Harald to _be_ King of Denmark, then; and end these wearisome and ineffectual brabbles; Harald having other work to do. Early Kings of Norway
  • In fact, the film might have worked better if it had been made for the small screen, although with its sloppy characterisation and lifeless, wearisome narrative, it's arguable whether it should have been made at all.
  • I likewise can call the lutanist and the singer, but the sounds that pleased me yesterday weary me to day, and will grow yet more wearisome to morrow. Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
  • Permanently traumatized by her brutal violation, Urania flees the Dominican Republic for a sterile and wearisome expatriate existence before she belatedly returns one final time to her fatherland.
  • 'How wearisome now appears that thorough-bred millefleur beauty, the distilled result of ages of European culture! Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli
  • You are sometimes wearisome and wearied; you call your dulness melancholy. The Lily of the Valley
  • At the end of a wearisome session the temptation was to accept what he had to say simply to escape.
  • Land grants were obtainable from the Spanish Government by proving priority of claim, but the concession was only given after wearisome delay, and sometimes it took years to obtain the title-deeds. The Philippine Islands
  • As this is growing wearisome, I would now recommend for a change something else for a pleasure -- namely, the unconscious astuteness with which good, fat, honest mediocrity always behaves towards loftier spirits and the tasks they have to perform, the subtle, barbed, Jesuitical astuteness, which is a thousand times subtler than the taste and understanding of the middle-class in its best moments -- subtler even than the understanding of its victims: -- a repeated proof that "instinct" is the most intelligent of all kinds of intelligence which have hitherto been discovered. Beyond Good and Evil
  • 'How wearisome now appears that thorough-bred _millefleur_ beauty, the distilled result of ages of European culture! Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Volume I
  • And it is quite apparent to me, in retrospect, that without Mostel's comic genius this might be a very wearisome play to watch.
  • Worse, her open intention to use climate change to further her anticapitalist agenda becomes wearisome. Times, Sunday Times
  • He is criticised for not offering or saying anything new, although he must feel the questions are equally wearisome: Will he sack the manager?
  • In such a situation, ‘everything is either oversimplified or reduced to a wearisome incomprehensibility.’
  • Indeed, so far as its physical aspect is concerned, with its flat, unvaried surface, covered chiefly with wooden houses, few or none of which pretend to architectural beauty — its irregularity, which is neither picturesque nor quaint, but only tame — its long and lazy street, lounging wearisomely through the whole extent of the peninsula, with Gallows The Scarlet Letter
  • But their increasingly wearisome antics are not going to win many new friends.
  • other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome
  • He manages to do or say something really annoying and despicable so often that it's wearisome.
  • We need them to safeguard us against drabness and drudgery, against a mechanistic and wearisome utilitarianism.
  • The producers also found it necessary to insert that wearisome kidvid standby, the cute animal mascot (this time, it's a salamander-like rock-eating dog named Obby), to amuse the toddlers.
  • How can the government expect these girls to change when they are taught to live a tedious and wearisome life?
  • I was beginning to find her endless chatter very wearisome.
  • He represents nobility, order, German doctrinarianism and pathetic and wearisome declamation. Komediantka. English
  • It took at least five minutes before the wearisome, pedantical fellow had finished his arrangements and preparations. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 56, Number 347, September, 1844
  • Their little world became wearisome and difficult as alliances broke and were reformed.
  • Its pleasures are insipid, its pursuits wearisome, its conventionalities, duties, and mutual dependence alike tedious and disgusting. Stealing this question from the FSHuntress on this sight, hope she doesn't mind. What is your favorite Outdoor Quote????????
  • This neat device allows a smooth transition between the numerous scenes but the curtain goes up and down like a yo-yo and becomes wearisome after a while.
  • Sympathising with him eventually becomes somewhat wearisome.
  • Moreover, he had to worry about all manner of dull work: petitions were read, proclamations heard, and patents and all manner of wordy, repetitious and wearisome papers had to be attended to.
  • The relentlessness of the jokes grows wearisome, and the ending is perfunctory and trite.
  • But, if truth be told, the delivery became wearisome by the second half; the final work, Weill's nonvocal "Threepenny Opera" suite, "Kleine Dreigroschenmusik für Orchester," came as a genuine balm for these ears. Music of the Weimar Republic --
  • The antidote to a wearisome meeting can be as simple as a brisk walk. Christianity Today
  • Thither, too, comes the saunterer, anxious to get rid of that wearisome attendant himself, and thither come both males and females, who, upon a different principle, desire to make themselves double. Saint Ronan's Well
  • But a speaker must try to make the thousandth repetition of a truth fresh to himself, and not a wearisome form, or a dead commonplace, by freshening it to his own mind and by living on it in his own practice, and the hearers must remember that it is only the completeness of their obedience that antiquates the commandment. Expositions of Holy Scripture Second Corinthians, Galatians, and Philippians Chapters I to End. Colossians, Thessalonians, and First Timothy.
  • It is because you cannot feel for me, that I drag on this wearisome life.
  • But after a point the ridiculousness of the plot becomes a bit wearisome.
  • This is all true, but two hundred pages of it do become rather wearisome.
  • By itself, it offers few magic answers, but it spurs the client's imagination to be creative, to consider new ideas and modes of behavior, and to find novel solutions to wearisome problems.
  • (Id., acte i, scene 4) — The lonely east, how wearisome to me! — would not suit a lover in comedy; the figure of the “lonely east” is too elevated for the simplicity of the buskin. A Philosophical Dictionary
  • Denise Burdick, who cold-calls businesspeople for a Ryla client, says that given the industry's reputation for wearisome and thankless work, she "never would have thought I'd end up in telemarketing. Telemarketer Bucks High Turnover Trend

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