[ UK /wˈɔːp/ ]
[ US /ˈwɔɹp/ ]
  1. a moral or mental distortion
  2. a twist or aberration; especially a perverse or abnormal way of judging or acting
  3. yarn arranged lengthways on a loom and crossed by the woof
  4. a shape distorted by twisting or folding
  1. make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story
  2. bend out of shape, as under pressure or from heat
    The highway buckled during the heat wave
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How To Use warp In A Sentence

  • Randall-Maciver and Wilkin illustrate a vertical loom in use among the Kabyles, _Libyan Notes_, London, 1901, Pl. IX., and although the details of the illustration are not clear the text indicates the existence of one heddle: "The warp is decussated by means of a horizontal rod and leashes. Ancient Egyptian and Greek Looms
  • Denim is identified as an "American cotton textile where the diagonal warp is a striped hickory cloth that was once associated with railroadmen's overalls, in which blue or black contrasting undyed white threads form the woven pattern. My God George Will is a bigger fashion snob than me! - dfi
  • Last week, exultant rebels in Tripoli clambered on Gaddafi's vainglorious statue of an American warplane in the grip of a mighty Libyan fist.
  • French warplanes based in Italy report to NATO's command headquarters in Naples while aircraft flying sorties off the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle report directly to French military commanders in Paris. Political Gridlock at NATO
  • Four British warplanes would also return to eastern Europe this year in an air policing role. Times, Sunday Times
  • I will not be there with a £180 ticket to be biffed into kingdom come by some insane person on the end of a weighted rope - or falling off it - but good luck to those who come to brave the 2 chords of U2 at warp volume and other truffles of this cultural feast. Bono and The Edge defend Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  • How sad are the D.C.s of the world who seek only to rend and never to mesh with the warp and woof of a community.
  • If the cylinder does not line up with the bore vertically, you are plumb out of luck since the base pin frame holes could be drilled crooked or the frame warped from heat treatment or stress.
  • The Karmarkar method starts in the inside of the polytope, then uses a technique called projective geometry to warp the whole structure, again and again, in effect changing the shape of the polytope, over and over, until the best solution is achieved. Economic Principals
  • The time warp doesn't extend to the rooms, although some are more refurbished than others. Times, Sunday Times
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