How To Use Wanker In A Sentence

  • Wanker” is a slang term for someone who is a chronic masturbator. Cheeseburger Gothic » Sweet jeebus, lookit this mess!
  • Common wisdom, over the past seven years, has been that consumers would spend money to tumesce just two things on the internet – their wallet and their wanker. Hey Murdoch, Take a lesson from the Smut Kings - Jim Louderback - MediaBizBloggers
  • In most offices, staff have to be excessively polite on the phone, so it can sometimes be nice, after a particularly trying conversation, to be able to put the receiver down and mutter "wanker".
  • Oh and I dug a photo of him out on a Segway, which is a device that makes anyone look like a wanker. Tom Watson, champagne swilling New Labour scumfuck.
  • I bet when he stood by his advance base on Newfoundland, Leif Eriksson would've been surprised to hear his base would fail and his dad's colony on Greenland would eventually die out, that the "new world" would have to be rediscovered in 500 years by explorers from a successor state on the territory of what he knew as the Caliphate of al-Andalus, or 500 years after that the entire world would be dominated by a breakaway colony set up by people from a wretched little country currently being ruled by a wanker named Ethelred. Changing Course - AGAIN? - NASA Watch
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  • I warned my friends that I was going to write a kind of wankerish post on this, so here goes. Piracy Supports Terrorism | ATTACKERMAN
  • I can but assume that the gutless, snivelling, bottler, the craven coward, the spineless wanker, the same spineless cunny who appointed the wanker Andy Finlay and squillions like him and who holds the office of PM hid under his desk until the nasty man had gone away. Archive 2008-06-01
  • It pisses me off to be knocked to the side of the road by wankers speeding by with their bikes on the cartop only to catch them at a trailhead. The Irrelevancy of Time: Bicycle Products Don't Spoil
  • A typical puritanic wanker of the new political elite, living in a fantasy world of their own making, concerned with their own pet causes that have no relevance to the lives of ordinary people. Crass stupidity.
  • The Fragile's most elegant zeniths - "La Mer" and "Just Like You Imagined" - the songs scrape and lull, spanning toothy pop (Track 16); droning interludes (2); Eighties homages (24); the wankerish, disposable digital noise from the remix albums (7); and mostly, cinematic scenes that turn your earbuds into a personal transport system to charred landscapes beneath a gray sky. Miami New Times | Complete Issue
  • He hisses at him for being a "banker" (sounds like wanker, get it?) and pulls him up for using the term interlocutor twice (this from the man who brought you indefatigability). Archive 2009-01-01
  • Do you think there is any semantic difference between the words 'tosser' and 'wanker'? A rose by any other name...
  • This wanker is a former German cabinet minister and parliamentary secretary in Germany's defence ministry. 19% of Germans believe the Yanks were responsible for 9/11, which may explain the success of this ridiculous tome - and also the fact that conspirozoids from around the world have chosen Berlin as the site for their big conference on September 7. Daimnation!: First France, now Germany
  • Someone doesn't like "food bloggers with their wankerish little digicameras"! "BANPC" via James Bow in Google Reader
  • They're all a bunch of wankers!
  • I'm waiting for the first retarded wanker to drop by, screeching, Hey, you didn't spell 'prorogue' correctly, that's why you couldn't find it! I'm just sayin'.
  • Hunting with beaters: a quintessentially wankerish activity. Bloom County on the endangered liberal « raincoaster
  • That walk-in wanker's sitting on the floor beside me rocking his head back and forth, deeper into the music than maybe anyone else in the gig. Three Gigs And A Funferal
  • As if we're all going to sit around and say things like "squiffy," tosser "or" wanker "- although we can think of a few who deserve that last moniker. Beaumont Enterprise Blogs
  • Hypocrisy brucie hypocrisy, now be a good boy and go back and read your little post and then tell me if you can find your hypocrisy. hint - calling somebody a wanker (on my feelings, sniff being called a labeler, gasp! Think Progress » Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’
  • I'd rather call him/her just plain "wanker," with "eejit" a close second. It's My Party
  • It all sounds very wankerish, but it was excellent fun. Whisky
  • … resounding silence …. same old crap, first from film makers who want us to believe that a female in heels is a good idea as token fuck-pot./superhero. and then from the spewdo-intellectual wankers who cover the bullshit with their ersatz gravitas. The Moral Exemplars of Watchmen | Heretical Ideas Magazine
  • He responded by calling me a "A hagged old wanker". Publish and be damned?
  • So, you know, in the spirit of not being an utter wanker who whinges about things they haven't seen, I went and saw Watchmen. Watchmen
  • As well as taking a crack at the "pale, flabby" people he assumes are food bloggers with their "wankerish little digicameras", he continues, in trademark fashion, "I think photographing one's food in a restaurant is easily as rude, disrespectful and brutish as … dropping one's trousers in the middle of the room and taking a massive dump". getting his bowels in such a twist. Life and style |
  • If women are targets or "pie" or "gullet" -- this writer is a wad of wankery, tacky ejaculate, unwittingly revealing what makes him screech and wee wee. Carol Muske-Dukes: The Rules According to a Fraternity "Cocksman"
  • British, and the term wanker is meaningless british slang. Alex Jones' Prison
  • Webb addresses two of these areas, namely the blue collar whites, the beer track in wanker, and foreign policy credentials. Webb for VP
  • I mean, that wanker is the type that likes to have a couple of sheilas on the side.
  • Start by firing most of the wankers in procurement, and I mean firing as in out on the range. Cheeseburger Gothic » Prepping for Pucka.
  • Fred Meyer and QFC are wankers, and Safeway is slightly less wankerish, but still annoying. Archive 2004-04-18
  • Conceding defeat, the former Harrow councillor was typically wankerish in his words, saying: Whatever The Outcome, We are Always There. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • And then, the matter of familial links: how closely related is the spide to other Rogue Forms, such as the Southern Irish knacker or gurrier, the Scottish ned, schemie or bampot, or the English scally, shellie, shinywanker or wideboy?
  • Start of the second gig, during the first song's tender, tentative intro, the audience quiet and attentive, some walk-in wanker expresses his support by shouting "Fuck the Beatles!". Three Gigs And A Funferal
  • You can't be cutting edge when your ideas are dull and The Osbournes now downwardly define dullardry and their overuse of the f-bomb is now tired and wankerish. Urban Semiotic
  • Being a wanker, is not just about jerking off, it is about making love with oneself, and that is all the love you have. Think Progress » Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’

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