voting machine

  1. a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically
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How To Use voting machine In A Sentence

  • Voting machines were on the fritz, and the office received constant calls about voting procedure.
  • For some people, snapping a pic of their ballot or their voting machine after checking the box for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Roseanne Barr seemed only natural.
  • We keep acquiring degenerative diseases from stress and working three jobs; we keep playing the lose/lose "voting machine game"; we keep saying "oh well" to our disappearing heath plans and retirements; and we keep permitting vomitus "religious institutions" (not only in America) to murder in the name of God with nauseating self righteousness. Friends help me out here. Can we "wake up" in time to save ourselves from satanic national/international banker elites?
  • I discovered four magic words, ‘voting machines and glitch,’ which, when entered into a search engine, yielded a shocking result: A staggering pile of miscounts was accumulating.
  • There is a paper trail andno voting machine surprises or malfunctions. Life as a provisional voter
  • Julius realised his rejected voting machine could speed up this whole process, so by 1913 he'd changed his voting machine into a totalisator, nicknamed the tote, which counted all the bets.
  • CLAIM: Electronic voting machines in Carteret County, N.C., mysteriously “lost” more than 4,500 votes — most of the votes cast in the county election! The Volokh Conspiracy » Debunking the most common vote fraud rumors.–
  • What's creepy about this quote is the context in which it appears on the homepage of a company that manufactures touch screen voting machines in California.
  • The EVM2003 project is a SourceForge-hosted project to develop voting machine software that uses wholly free software, and whose machines produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot.
  • We'll never know because electronic voting machine don't leave an audit trail.
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