How To Use Unsuspicious In A Sentence

  • But the constables, whose visit came on the night before the poll closed, remained remarkably unsuspicious.
  • Everything seemed to go on as usual in the quiet, opulent house; the good-natured mistress pursuing, quite unsuspiciously, her bustling idleness, and daily easy avocations; the daughter absorbed still in one selfish, tender thought, and quite regardless of all the world besides, when that final crash came, under which the worthy family fell. Vanity Fair
  • She felt herself needing to get out of bed and slip back into Annabelle's room to finish the rest of slumber, unsuspiciously.
  • I have to listen to it to be inspired to write about the French monastery.:: whistles unsuspiciously:: raaaawr!!!!!
  • Abdi research noted that this form of adaptation demonstrated the African concept of Ubuntu, which describes the African people as trusting and unsuspicious of strangers.
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  • But, come now, just admit the idea of imposture into that honest, unsuspicious mind of yours, and you'll find the whole thing wears a very doubtful appearance directly. Put Yourself in His Place
  • He ‘heard’ Tina thinking as she gazed as unsuspiciously as possible at Luke.
  • I shrugged my shoulders as unsuspiciously as I could, but waited until he stopped looking at me to go back to my thoughts.
  • The frank and unsuspicious mind of Adrian, gifted as it was by every natural grace, endowed with transcendant powers of intellect, unblemished by the shadow of defect (unless his dreadless independence of thought was to be construed into one), was devoted, even as a victim to sacrifice, to his love for Evadne. The Last Man
  • He walked fast, asking himself if she could really be as simple, as unsuspicious about Sam and Martha as she sounded. MURDER MOVES IN
  • It will be seen that all SUDI are potential SIDS, but further investigation may show it is not a true SIDS, which are unexplained and unsuspicious natural deaths.
  • During the repast he levelled one or two jokes against Pitt Crawley: he drank as much wine as upon the previous day; and going quite unsuspiciously to the drawing-room, began to entertain the ladies there with some choice Oxford stories. Vanity Fair
  • He wanted to make himself as unsuspicious as possible when his nephew was dead.
  • Is the security system internet of capped kirchner, it footnote as a bit of a marum that the folktale rotifer to supplier been divulgence up unsuspicious conglutination. Rational Review
  • Precipitate, I know, she has always been reckoned; but her precipitance is of kin to her noblest virtues; it springs but from the unsuspicious frankness of an unguarded, because innocent nature. Camilla: or, A Picture of Youth
  • He was relieved a minute later when the soldier left after only a cursory check of the room, seeming completely unsuspicious.
  • They were all trying to look unsuspicious, but ended up standing out even more.
  • Harris was unsuspicious, and in many parts of Australia young poets, painters, and persons attached to the arts were puzzling over the imaginative, sophisticated, but curiously disjointed verses of the late Ern Malley.
  • When keyword filters got better, spam appeared with addi tional, unsuspicious text that reduced the percent age of trigger words. Escalating Spam Wars Take Their Toll
  • After passing through the door, the two men walked unsuspiciously down a wide hallway that had doors on both sides every sixty feet.
  • Or lack of it: the essay will be dumbed down to unsuspicious levels if the customer so specifies.
  • The amazing thing about his run was the fact that he had a very unsuspicious start to the run and then, in true postman style, stopped to chat several groups of spectators on the way.
  • The ridiculous overacting left the bureaucrat completely unsuspicious.
  • The reply came hesitantly and in exactly the manner Tiff had expected: dispassionately and unsuspiciously. Parlor Games
  • A single missing series also might look like a printer's error to the unsuspicious.
  • In a second a couple of scouts in dirty red and green tartans, with fealdags or pleatless kilts on them instead of the better class philabeg, crept cannily out into the open, unsuspicious that their position could be seen from the fort. John Splendid The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn
  • It was a four-days 'hard march to the locality where Captain Buxton counted on finding his victims; and when on the fourth day, rather tired and not particularly enthusiastic, the command bivouacked along the banks of a mountain-torrent, a safe distance from the supposed location of the Indian stronghold, he sent forward his Apache Mojave allies to make a stealthy reconnoissance, feeling confident that soon after nightfall they would return with the intelligence that the enemy were lazily resting in their "rancheria," all unsuspicious of his approach, and that at daybreak he would pounce upon and annihilate them. Starlight Ranch and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier
  • 'Who was that?' asked my mother unsuspiciously, watching through the window as the fleeting back view of cropped light brown hair, loose jacket, rolled up jeans and too-big trainers made a fast sloppy shuffle out of sight. They didn’t read Pitchfork or Stereogum or Gorilla vs. Bear or Hipster Runoff
  • Most were highly unsuspicious and unhelpful in the least.
  • Then again, being attacking by a blonde, blue-eyed native we could have unsuspiciously grown up along side, seems just as chilling. Eirik Bergesen: Norway is Passing the Test of Terror
  • The men were now following at a distance, doing their best to look unsuspicious.
  • He, learning that she now employs his page, is astonished at her unsuspicious nature.
  • Ay, there must be something strangely entrancing in dragging the shoal waters with a hand-line, for unsuspicious, easily duped members of the acanthopterygian tribe of fishes, -- under which alarming denomination come, I believe, nearly all the finny fellows to be met with on these sand-banks, from the bluefish to the burgall. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 40, February, 1861
  • It has the advantage of avoiding being unsuspiciously linked to cesspools and sinkholes. Keep cool.
  • Mr. Wagg, the celebrated wit, and a led captain and trencher-man of my Lord Steyne, was caused by the ladies to charge her; and the worthy fellow, leering at his patronesses and giving them a wink, as much as to say, “Now look out for sport,” one evening began an assault upon Becky, who was unsuspiciously eating her dinner. Vanity Fair
  • He is an unsuspicious fellow.
  • If, following Hancock, we say that Australians had a pragmatic, utilitarian, remarkably unsuspicious attitude to the state, this is only in part true.
  • I walked quickly and (I hoped) unsuspiciously, to the bathroom.
  • He is prosecuting attorney, and he suborns him, an unsuspicious and innocent fellow most of the time, into raiding Albert's garbage can for evidence.
  • As the dingledekooch floated silently over them, they lay perfectly quiet and unsuspicious of danger, although within a few feet of the fatal fish-pugh, and in an element almost as transparent as air. Acadia or, A Month with the Blue Noses
  • By aiming to recover a genealogy of such radical epistemology, Herbert's project in effect aims to undergird a hermeneutically suspicious project via unsuspicious historicism.

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