How To Use Unsized In A Sentence

  • Dissolve the cobalt in the water and add the sugar, saturate unsized paper in the solution, and hang up to dry.
  • Take unsized paper and apply a coat of varnish made of equal parts of Canada balsam and oil of turpentine. Practical Mechanics for Boys
  • When catalogued, the title-page or beginning of each pamphlet in the volume, should be marked by a thin slip of unsized paper, projected above the top of the book, to facilitate quick reference in finding each one without turning many leaves to get at the titles. A Book for All Readers An Aid to the Collection, Use, and Preservation of Books and the Formation of Public and Private Libraries
  • While Boniface Cointet was in Paris, David made a first experimental batch of unsized paper far superior to that in common use for newspapers. Eve and David
  • Rice paper that has been left unsized has not been coated, so it is more absorbent.
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  • This occurs more often on unsized papers, but can occur on sized papers as well, when pigment is used in excess.
  • unsized paper
  • No distinction can be made between unsized yarn and sized yarn, for the unsized yarn when converted into sized yarn does not lose its character as yarn.
  • Noland, like Louis, makes his paintings by staining thinned pigment into unsized canvas. Michael Fried on Kenneth Noland
  • unsized gloves; one size fits all
  • A document handwritten with a special ink would be placed against a dampened, unsized sheet of paper and both would be squeezed in a copying press; the pressure transferred some of the document's ink onto the blank sheet.
  • Every sample was tested and minutely examined; the prices, from three to ten francs per ream, were noted on each separate slip; some were sized, others unsized; some were of almost metallic purity, others soft as Eve and David
  • The demand for writing-paper is exceedingly small compared with the almost unlimited demand for unsized paper for printers. Eve and David
  • The interfacial adhesion of unsized and sized carbon fiber with different sizing agents and matrix can be characterized by single fiber fragment test.

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