How To Use Unscalable In A Sentence

  • Within the safety of his bathroom, then, Truman imagines himself at the mercy of nature classically figured as an unscalable mountain - to Kant, ‘bold, overhanging, and, as it were, threatening rocks’.
  • Soon, in-the-trenches anti-poverty practitioners with long experience, community-based organizations close to their clients, market-based programs with real revenues and real customers, and experimental, innovative initiatives with great promise may be written off as woolly-headed, undisciplined or unscalable simply because they are un-evaluated. Jonathan Lewis: Social Impact Evaluation: Useful? Utopian? (Part 1 of 4)
  • In order to avoid having to climb over boulders that were virtually unscalable he led them out onto the spit of rock. GALILEE
  • The unscalable case expression and the unreusable reasoning process lead to the development and the maintenance of the systems difficult and costly.
  • It's hard to program safely; programs that manipulate threads are prone to inconsistent data, deadlocks, unscalable locking, and inverted priorities.
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  • There never seems to be any difficulty in stretching the laws and the constitution to fit any kind of a political deal, but when it is proposed to make some concession to women they loom up like an unscalable wall.
  • They are a boundary, a dividing line, a wall impregnable and unscalable. The Night-Born
  • This, on the other hand, will essentially try to find ways of making unaffordable and unscalable energy sources a bit less so. US News: “Generation We’s Apollo Project”, Me: “What a dumb idea” « PurpleSlog – Awesomeness & Modesty Meets Sexy
  • In the unscalable servo, video production companies stern can be mercilessly as actuating as persona ones, due to the massachusetts that they can tercelet as marconi for mostly soiled repentance fossilology. Rational Review
  • Vast, white, twelve foot high, the unscalable double gate mocked me, the light glaring in the bright white gloss. THE CALLIGRAPHER
  • The walls are unscalable, the window locks nonexistent.
  • However, as the tall white car ferry draws closer to a coastline of seemingly unscalable cliffs, my thoughts are drawn to the portion of the 19th century when this was French territory and the island's most famous resident—Napoleon—was exiled here. Downsizing From an Empire to an Island
  • It rends people from their own families; it builds an invisible but unscalable wall between them and the people they love and need.
  • To me, he and Ezekiel were like twin unscalable peaks, shining in the distance.
  • Anthak lost track of the time as he watched, until with a start he noticed that he could see the top of what had been an unscalable crag only this morning.
  • Only when we have overcome the barrier of racism, mistrust and intolerance that has gradually grown into a wall that seems so unscalable, can we even begin to progress beyond the point at which we are now.
  • This rock face could scarcely be described as unscalable, because it was so rough that, although practically vertical, the projections on it were so numerous and pronounced that an active man could climb it without much difficulty, if uninterfered with; but if the summit and flanks happened to be held by even a small force of men armed with rifles, to climb it would at once become an absolute impossibility. The Cruise of the Thetis A Tale of the Cuban Insurrection
  • Like those of the tower, its walls were smooth and absolutely unscalable.
  • It's just that there is a very large mountain in the way, with nearly impassable bamboo thickets on its lower flanks and nearly unscalable granite faces on its higher reaches.
  • At first sight, those cliffs seemed completely unscalable, but to anyone with a good head for heights, climbing is easy on a world where all weights are only a sixth of their normal value. Tin
  • Cold, aching, and exhausted I swam in past the unscalable hulls of the ships toward the stone wall of the quay.
  • This phenomenon highlights the unscalable nature of most time-management approaches: striving to do more just produces increasingly more to do. Tuesday, February 19, 2008 | Lifehacker Australia

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