How To Use Unrecognizably In A Sentence

  • he had unrecognizably aged
  • As a portrait of a world far from our own but not unrecognizably so, it is finely done. The Times Literary Supplement
  • It was his brother, unrecognizably grown up. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Brian O'Connell's meticulous columns of compressed dirt, nearly unrecognizably organic, complemented David Brooks 'concretized trees and operated as a neat olfactory and visual index of its production. Jelena Kristic: Exploring Greater New York 2010
  • And unlike a lot of rock on Earth that has been unrecognizably recycled by volcanic activity over the eons, a lot of lunar material retains records of some of the first impacts.
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  • How in such a short time could the face of a nation and the promise of its hopes change so radically, so unrecognizably?

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