How To Use Unpronounceable In A Sentence

  • While some say it is "unpronounceable", it would be a good idea to get used to the name because for sure it is going to be around the international media for a long time to come. Pravda.Ru
  • The cost of those dreams is a rising tide of unpronounceable medical ailments like traction apophysitis, medial epidcondylitis and osteochondritis dissecans, scary badges that are being attached to athletes at younger and younger ages. Top Stories
  • While some say it is "unpronounceable", it would be a good idea to get used to the name because for sure it is going to be around the international travel, but the overall economic impact is only beginning to be understood. - Articles related to NASA's Earth Exchange Allows Scientists to Collaborate on Data Analysis
  • a few months the frightened family would lie awake at night and listen to trains rattling past, coming out from the explosives plant, piled to the tops with loads of trinitrotoluol, and such unpronounceable instruments of murder and destruction. Jimmie Higgins
  • The actual name was unpronounceable, and so was Shadowmelder's given name, so he just called himself that, and that was the end of it.
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  • No one knew that the victims they imagined as faceless bogeymen with unpronounceable names, I imagined as my mother.
  • She suffered the change of her unpronounceable name, being euphonized as "Césarine," smilingly, but life at home in a demure and tranquil suburb little suited the young meteor who had flashed across Germany. The Son of Clemenceau
  • •Some Koreans may mistake your first name for your last name or find your last name unpronounceable and address you by English courtesy title + first name. ASIAN BUSINESS CUSTOMS & MANNERS
  • With a jumble of numbers and unpronounceable names - pyridoxine, cobalamin and molybdenum, say - it's hard to know which ingredients are hype and which you really need to stay healthy.
  • I just want these critics to admit that they like something besides bands with unpronounceable names and acoustic guitars.
  • Now, as his breakout hit All About My Mother takes him to the Oscars, the man with the unpronounceable name is becoming a household word.
  • A drug with an unpronounceable name is being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer for more than 20 years.
  • Although, he prefers to be called by his Hebrew name of YHWH, he says it is "unpronounceable". Blue Jersey - Front Page
  • Neil adopts a six-year-old girl from Africa, with an unpronounceable name, who can't speak a word of anything.
  • Coming from Texas, as did Buddy Holly, for Bush to make such a mistake is far worse than not knowing the unpronounceable name of a prime minister of an obscure country.
  • Another major improvement is the switch from an unpronounceable acronym for the system to the very descriptive name, Rescue 21.
  • It was also the night of the cotillon given by a certain princelet of unpronounceable name and great wealth, who hailed from one of those countries in Europe where quasi-royalties abound. The Hawk of Egypt
  • It also has a nearly unpronounceable title, The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.
  • an unpronounceable foreign word
  • Yes, there is more to hate about WLANs than the unpronounceable acronym.
  • I suggest "the language formerly known as Serbo-Croatian," represented by an unpronounceable symbol. "BOSNIAN" IN NOVI PAZAR.
  • I couldn't read anymore textbooks with unpronounceable words about postmodern feminism.
  • Advocates for healthful eating have long tried to steer Americans away from highly processed foods that contain dozens of unnatural and unpronounceable ingredients.
  • Of course our shipwrecked friend had to retail his story to the woman, and then learned from her that the island was a very large one, with a name unpronounceable by English lips, that it was very thinly inhabited, that it consisted almost entirely of pasture land, and that "the laird" owned a large portion of it, including the little fishing village of The Eagle Cliff
  • What he really suffered from was the result of that blow on the head which had induced a haemorrhage with an unpronounceable name. LOADED QUESTIONS
  • If the label is bad, the region is obscure and the name is unpronounceable, it could be a great buy - after all, a wine like this has to have something going for it.
  • Hampered by a name that was unpronounceable, together with a heavy accent, he was relegated to playing muscle-bound clods in a string of second-rate films.
  • The so-called unpronounceable, name Shilpa; what's so difficult in that? is now known in every household in the Britain and the news-watching/reading world. Trop Belle Pour Toi
  • Look at you, you're a monster, you have that accent and that unpronounceable name.
  • Like you Annie – my pet hate is names which are totally unpronounceable. sulci permalink Whats in a Name? « Write Anything
  • I should have written ‘noun,’ of course; the unpronounceable verb would be Iraqi-ize.
  • His real name is unpronounceable, androughly translates as “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” Hero/Villain of the Week! « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more
  • We will not mention her last, for it is an enormous and unpronounceable onomatope. Petty Troubles of Married Life, Complete
  • Indeed, the various names of God that forms the heart of Kabbalah are not some mysterious deep-throated unpronounceable words that cause cosmic upheavals.
  • On the contrary, it usually, when put into plain English, gives us only the name -- often a clumsy and unpronounceable German one -- of some obscure friend of the author, or, as is not unfrequently the case, some lordly patron for whom your closet-naturalist entertains a flunkeyish regard, and avails himself of this means of making it known to his Maecenas. The Young Voyageurs Boy Hunters in the North
  • During much of my sojourn, travel will be in the major cities with only the occasional trip to somewhere remote and probably unpronounceable.
  • They ruminated in train stations and on buses; they cogitated in hotels as they clocked up visa charges; but they could reassure themselves that they weren't plummeting from the sky, swatted down by ash from the great cloud of the world's most unpronounceable volcano, Eyjafjallajokull. Not-So-Risky Business
  • But the unpronounceable, unspellable Azertyuiop has everything it takes to be a Cheltenham Festival banker.
  • Mademoiselle Güldmar, if anything happens to me at this cascade with the name unpronounceable, you will again be my doctor, will you not? Thelma
  • It is an unpronounceable name, perhaps because it is not really the name of a specific anthropmorphised entity but a formula that describes a process.
  • I was looking up the definition of some unpronounceable word when a tiny blue box appeared at the corner of my screen.
  • Murder victim Lindita Kukaj was a lot more than a non-national with an unpronounceable name to her Sligo friends.
  • We will apply Eskimo lotions culled from the gall bladders of unpronounceable fish that live in the deep fjords off Norway and go on weekend nature trips to the volcanic pools of Iceland.
  • The fact that the players may be from foreign leagues and offer unpronounceable surnames merely adds to their mystical allure.
  • At the far end of the room was a door that we knew led into the testing area - full of fluoroscopes and x-ray machines and other bits of kit with unpronounceable names.
  • And h'yar's the knavery of the thing; sir! the unpronounceable rascality, sir! Nick of the Woods

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