How To Use Unpowered In A Sentence

  • A glider pilot who's just won the right to work as an instructor, teaching others the beauty of unpowered flying.
  • So it might be worthwhile to revisit the process of re-entry and examine what happened a year ago as the unpowered, 100-ton glider returned to Earth from 200 miles up.
  • Umm, the X-38 was the basically unpowered (it only had enough delta-V to de-orbit, with most of the deceleration being provided by atmospheric braking, as it usual) Crew Return Vehicle - it had to be lifted to orbit by the Shuttle. Abbey Lane: They're Back - NASA Watch
  • First, the experimenters tested three unpowered dummy missiles with ballast to simulate the N-69.
  • Once airborne the rear-mounted propeller pushes the craft along and the unpowered main rotor spins to give the craft lift.
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  • Here steamers often unloaded or exchanged cargoes and butty boats, returning to London or working alone to Birmingham where narrow locks made it easier to use a horse rather than tow the unpowered boats.
  • It represents the period of transition between unpowered bloomeries and blast furnaces, and will add a great deal to our knowledge of early iron working in the Lake District.
  • During vertical movements, animals can take advantage of gravity or positive buoyancy to permit unpowered downward or upward locomotion for a longer period.
  • Their advantage over the horse drawns, however, was their ability to tow several unpowered boats, known as butty boats. Express & Star
  • an autogiro is supported in flight by unpowered rotating wings

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