How To Use Unobservant In A Sentence

  • However, on an overhead bridge, tucked in tight to the trees, was a police van happily snapping the unobservant. Times, Sunday Times
  • Was he really so unobservant that he had not heard the barbed criticism behind that woman's comment?
  • Blogger have recently added a new feature (well it's new to me, but I'm fairly unobservant, so it's probably been around for months) allowing you to create your own little profile page.
  • The jokes in Daniel Goldfarb's affable comedy about an unlikely friendship between observant and unobservant Jews are as New York - specific as the cityscape set.
  • Such a production is perfectly fine, is peachy-keen, is jim-dandy as long as the director is aware of making that choice and uses it meaningfully instead of simply being lazy or unobservant. Please Don’t Look | Living the Liminal
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  • Fortunately he was very unobservant so I could keep flicking my eyes away from my book to see which page he was on, and as we passed through Harold Wood, I saw that he was reading my column.
  • I was 15 then and unobservant. Globe and Mail
  • However, it would be a mistake to suppose that Walker was foolish or unobservant.
  • I said I hadn't noticed it, to which it replied, ‘That's because you are somewhat unobservant and also rather repressed.’
  • Careless, unobservant picnickers often sit on it. Times, Sunday Times
  • It sounded like they were in the middle of a song, though I hadn't remembered the music coming in, though maybe I was just being unobservant, or something.
  • When challenged by reality in the form of, say, the unobservant friend, the recipient of the vaccine finds he is inoculated against inappropriate anxiety.
  • You'd have to have been pretty unobservant not to know there was poverty in New Orleans.
  • It is curiously unobservant of the way that ideas and attitudes have always been advanced, resisted or confounded. Times, Sunday Times
  • As it happens, we find we already have many Jews, many atheists and agnostics, and many relatively unobservant Christians and Buddhists.
  • Anne had a brighter face, and bigger, starrier eyes, and more delicate features than the other; even shy, unobservant Matthew had learned to take note of these things; but the difference that disturbed him did not consist in any of these respects. Anne of Green Gables
  • To tell you the truth, I've never really been aware of them but, being the unobservant sort, I'm unreliable in such things.
  • Nonetheless, no one would assert that Mamet is unobservant or lacks internal fire, and when he turns his attention to institutions that deserve a thorough going-over, he may be just the man for the job.
  • You'd have to be very unobservant not to have noticed that there are an awful lot of bloggers with an avowedly (and sometimes aggressively) libertarian political philosophy.
  • Akra Jr has started to use two new words in their correct context today (actually, he may have been using them before but has only just registered in unobservant mummy's brain today).
  • He was equally unobservant about the political scene, assuring friends in 1939 that there was no likelihood of a war. Times, Sunday Times
  • He would have then given me my false 10p back, but I would have been safe in the knowledge that eventually I would be able to pass it on, to someone as stupid and unobservant as me.
  • You can read extremely edited highlights of the following interview in the latest edition of Web User magazine, out today (only 99p from all good newsagents, and free from all unobservant newsagents).
  • Two fraudulent uses of your debit/credit card on your checking account knowing that you are an unobservant idiot
  • Twice when I have been crossing with my child I have nearly been knocked down by speeding unobservant drivers - it's not a very nice encounter.
  • Even after the trauma of the attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, this extraordinarily unobservant system creaked on.
  • Now, call me naive / unobservant / clueless, but I didn't realise that Qurious was designed for a slightly less heterosexual patron than I. I simply assumed the owner was rather indecisive on choice of colour scheme.
  • The much-vaunted plot ‘twist’ stretches your credulity to the limit: suffice to say that in order to believe it, you would also have to believe that Skinner is woefully unobservant.
  • If she loved to talk, Mercedes was not unobservant, especially when she was observing these two.
  • That this unobservant, naïve and unresourceful ditz is supposed to be a covert C.I.A. operative, assigned to trace the flow of money from Islamic charities in Marrakech to terrorist groups, is patently absurd, as is the trajectory of the plot, which abruptly moves from the subjects of house parties and romantic triangles to those of rendition and torture. An Books Blog featuring news, reviews, interviews and guest author blogs.
  • Both were ubiquitous, brightly coloured, active in daylight and hard for even the most unobservant to avoid. The Times Literary Supplement
  • The reverend gentleman, however, had not been unobservant of the charms of other maidens with whom he had been brought in contact, so, it may be presumed that his heart had "yearned" in vain for them; or, peradventure, these had not played with him so dexterously, when once hooked, as did the fair She and I, Volume 2 A Love Story. A Life History.
  • It would only take an unobservant secretary or a slip of the pen and suddenly Selby's first team flanker Duncan Phillips is dropped to the thirds, while his brother Owen is handed a place in Yorkshire One side.
  • When challenged by reality in the form of, say, the unobservant friend, the recipient of the vaccine finds he is inoculated against inappropriate anxiety.

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