How To Use Unfathomed In A Sentence

  • The issue of motorists being impounded by road traffic officers over trivial charges has left pain in lots of people, deep as the unfathomed sea.
  • At last, we advance some unfathomed problem and prospect foreground of cast - in - place piles.
  • Paul's wonderfully bleak voice hinted at the band's as yet unfathomed depths and danger just beneath the surface.
  • With blinded, tear-filled eyes she peered into that formless black and burning face and sensed in its soft, sad gleam unfathomed understanding. DARKWATER
  • Is the deliberate manipulation of a culture a threat to the very essence of man or, at the other extreme, an unfathomed source of strength for the culture which encourages it?
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  • He closed his eyes tiredly and scenes from the night that changed his life seemed to have played itself in the unfathomed darkness of his mind.
  • Imagine if it were otherwise: that, for each succeeding piece, we dipped into a barrel whose depth was unfathomed, with no idea how many more pieces there might be still to come; that there were no way of identifying the frame-making pieces; that (consequently) we had no idea of its extent. Religion is like a jigsaw: it makes a picture out of puzzling chaos
  • To those at the dedication service in 1915, it must have perfectly captured the image of the dark, unfathomed sea closing over their loved ones.
  • Two fiddles sang out in unison—a wild, hectic reel—and it was as if a puzzle box was opening itself before his eyes, each note a key to an unfathomed existence. FALSE MERMAID
  • the dark unfathomed caves of ocean
  • The arrangement, perhaps tongue in cheek, offers an opportunity for him to reach an unfathomed note seemingly below the normal range of his trombone.
  • Clearly he is throwing up obstacles to solutions, for some unfathomed reason (s). Tough Love « Tales from the Reading Room
  • His subject is not nature, “infinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us,” but our relation to nature. Archive 2009-05-01
  • The LDS church is a multibillion dollar corporate entity that has resources and international access unfathomed by most lay members and the general public. Romney On Huckabee: Attacks On Religion Go Too Far
  • We deal now not with things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe. We are reaching out for a new and boundless frontier.
  • Up out of Quiddity, from its unfathomed places, had come creatures strange even to the fishermen's eyes. EVERVILLE
  • Is it because in the end it will involve for some, if not for all, majesty on unfathomed majesty, and glory upon unimaginable glory such as at present far outpass the limits of our thought? When the World Shook; being an account of the great adventure of Bastin, Bickley and Arbuthnot
  • Considering the wondrous richness and variety of the terrestrial life wrought out by the few sunbeams which we catch in our career through space, we may well pause overwhelmed and stupefied at the thought of the incalculable possibilities of existence which are thrown away with the potent actinism that darts unceasingly into the unfathomed abysms of immensity. The Unseen World, and Other Essays
  • Under his leadership, the Tory Party sank to unfathomed levels of unpopularity and contempt.
  • It was the summer before her 9th grade year, months that dwelled in limbo between gradually evaporating innocence and a monsoon of unfathomed tears.
  • There are six of them in total, one hundred and fifty foot tall totemic spires of Growth Bone, Calcine, and Blossom Glass, bedecked on all sides with terraces, platforms and loggias, sun-bleached and standing to attention like nine pins spilt upon the desert or deep sea hydro-thermal vents rising from unfathomed depths. Watchman: Babel Series Part One | SciFi UK Review

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