How To Use Unendingly In A Sentence

  • The 10-year course has proved that respect and innovation is the surety for going forward unendingly.
  • Both are massive, dark-colored, extra-plannar beings who unendingly hunt down those who have cheated death, seeking to bring about their rightful and inevitable demise.
  • Such dedication is admirable, but the relentlessness of it, the unendingly hard slog - is that a good thing? Times, Sunday Times
  • In response, he'd been unendingly affectionate and obnoxiously good-humored. NOBODY'S BABY BUT MINE
  • I could extol the virtues of this lady and her approach to life unendingly but I suggest instead you read it for yourself.
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  • As a result, I spent six years being unendingly tormented and bullied.
  • Through the window of his teacher's office, she saw her son weeping: silently and unendingly. Times, Sunday Times
  • The banter continued unabated even as the songs flowed unendingly.
  • Shocking, infernal, hellish, unendingly nasty - it's all sounding more and more like my last vacation in Paris.
  • On and on the music goes, unendingly inventive, sometimes melodic, sometimes more challenging, but never, even for a second, pausing. Times, Sunday Times
  • A torrent of repetition and gibberish pours unendingly from the mouth of a man in a clown costume in Naumann's painful, static video installation.
  • But it's a programme as hypnotic as the rain it so diligently, and unendingly, captures. Times, Sunday Times
  • Some have been forced to sell their homes, while others have experienced substantial financial difficulties which stretch ahead unendingly.
  • It's organic, it's arty, it's bike-friendly and foodie, and it's unendingly picturesque. Times, Sunday Times
  • The rain continued pouring down in torrents, and lightning kept on flashing unendingly like comets in the black sky.

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