How To Use Uncomely In A Sentence

  • At the beginning of the film, her Toula is genuinely uncomely.
  • I just loved the line ‘not uncomely face’, and as for the denial - well, let me say that Kei is not immune to that, either.
  • Though I have no true beauty, I am not uncomely, arrogant as it sounds, and I would have been so entirely flustered I would have embarrassed both myself and the young gentlemen.
  • The mother notes Raskolnikov's stubborn nature, mentioning the story of Raskolnikov's insistence on marrying his landlady's uncomely and lame daughter, despite her objections.
  • The trio treats their jittery dance-punk like a mad science experiment, haphazardly fusing club-ready basslines with uncomely electronic raucousness.
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  • Just so, she thought, I cleanse my heart of suspicion's uncomely stain!
  • Her 'light-coloured' hair was not so light as to be uncomely, and fell in luxuriant ringlets all round the sides of her pretty head; and the head moved about enough to shake the ringlets, till they threatened to form a mazy net to catch men's eyes. The Hills of the Shatemuc
  • She knew that no man of Royal blood could ever want her uncomely daughter as his wife and she knew that Rachel hadn't the personality to attract a man simply for her thoughts.
  • The grotesque and uncomely horns that had jutted from the sides were now gone; golden swirls and designs replaced them on the new frame of the mirror.
  • Such an uncomely house for a family as prominent as ours, I'll have you know.
  • He wasn't sure whether to be thankful or outraged, but upon glimpsing the stranger's not uncomely face, Arron settled upon merely peeved.
  • He remembers how he liked her mostly because she was an invalid and quite uncomely.
  • I was glad to observe that she wore her own hair, plaited in thick braids against the back of her head, instead of the uncomely thing they call a waterfall, which is about as much like The Innocents Abroad
  • Yes, there was to be a new Hedonism that was to re-create life, and to save it from that harsh, uncomely Puritanism that is having, in our own day, its curious revival.
  • Although it could expose vast numbers to his performance, it could also lead to undesired editing, uncomely shots or the exposure of the actual magical methods employed.

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