How To Use Unclothe In A Sentence

  • The former is a small canvas that represents a hairless, unclothed doll propped on a white tabletop.
  • Don't unclothe your heroine, then contort her thighs and torso in an unnatural attempt at modesty.
  • A rusted Radio Flyer wagon carried an unclothed crybaby doll with no legs.
  • The L-shaped dining room possesses a modern-man aesthetic too, what with its spaciousness, absence of tchotchkes, copper-sponged walls, pillow-lined banquettes and unclothed brown tables.
  • The results can be so intimate that we feel like voyeurs or, alternatively, aggressively confrontational, but Degas's engagement with the expressive possibilities of a glimpse of an apparently unposed, unclothed body remains constant. Stolen Moments and Persistent Poses
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  • The responsibility of light beckons, unclothes the familiar objects and not so familiar ones. Unmanned
  • unclothe your heart of envy
  • Visitors entering the glitzy enclosure will be confronted by a fleetingly full-frontal silent movie in which the artist's drag-queen alter ego, "Miss Chief Eagle Testickle" (sic), has "her" way with two white men—drunken hunks clothed (and unclothed) in loincloths. Artifacts to Artworks
  • Strictly speaking, the comparison is between an unclothed individual moving through calm air at a brisk walking pace and that same individual moving through wind.
  • He recently created The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D., a series of animated shorts for, and a book of the same title collecting his comic short stories. 12 Projects Chosen For January 2010 Sundance Screenwriters Labs | /Film
  • From: Doram Gaunt, state Ingredients for 4 servings: 800 g carrots, unclothed, truncated edges A billet cup olive oil 2 teaspoons object flavorer seeds UH Watch
  • The thief looks at the unclothed, bruised and bloodied body of Jesus, hanging in pitiful humiliation, and sees his glorious Saviour and mighty King.
  • Ron Burkle, Brent Bolthouse and Dylan McDermott, who shows quite a bit of his own unclothed culo on the new F/X series "American Horror Story" were just some of the folks who showed up at the after-party at the Darby, sponsored by Beau Joie Champagne. Women Get Behind Artist's Project
  • Lathrop's care in describing the figures as ‘undraped’ rather than nude is indicative of the complicated moral territory occupied by the unclothed human body in art.
  • Out of habit from the old days, when I couldn't trust that the bathroom was a safe place to unclothe any part of myself, even just the small amount involved in using the toilet, I locked both doors.
  • She unclothed her innermost feelings
  • Remember when Lazarus was raised he needed help to unclothe him from his burial clothes.
  • And then later, ‘For you, I have unclothed myself before a woman’.
  • On the way, he locked the door to make sure no one accidentally came upon them unclothed.
  • He threw back the covers to get up and go to Olly, all unclothed as he was. A PLAGUE OF ANGELS
  • He spat at Esteban as he and his unclothed companion strode quickly toward the front door.
  • Her Bridegroom only unclothes her that He may be Himself her clothing: "Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ," says St Paul (Rom. xiii. Spiritual Torrents
  • A rusted Radio Flyer wagon carried an unclothed crybaby doll with no legs.
  • (He was to remain thus for three long days.) Nothing, he says, ever worried him less than his unclothed state at that moment. THE LONELY SEA
  • He looseneth the buyer's shoe; he carrieth such things after him as are necessary for the bath; he unclothes him; washes, anoints, rubs, dresses him; puts on his shoes, and lifts him up from the earth, "&c. See also the Tosaphta. From the Talmud and Hebraica
  • Staff at the South Infirmary Hospital were alerted on Monday to the unclothed baby girl lying in a blue hold-all on the boot of an Audi car.
  • He learned how to draw the unclothed human frame.
  • In Art, unclothed masses bathe in mud and ochre pits, their chthonian exteriors perhaps later decorated with fluorescent murals.
  • She felt absolutely helpless and extremely vulnerable standing completely unclothed under his watchful eyes.
  • Bony, bare and unclothed, these models are individualized, specific women, not generic odalisques.
  • He learned how to draw the unclothed human frame.
  • Your jacket was taken off and you unclothe yourself.
  • The doctrine of Mary's Immaculate Conception was a matter Unclothed of dispute throughout the Middle Agbs.
  • I feel strange seeing Annique so comparatively unclothed, and even stranger as we lie side by side sunbathing. A ROOMFUL OF BIRDS - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES 1990
  • During one of the visits with the Maids of Honour, they women unclothed themselves in front of Gulliver.
  • It needed to stir the imagination the way acres of unclothed nubile young bodies had in the nudie cutie movie.
  • Perhaps that is why I was forced to stand on a platform with my hands held to my head so another TSA agent could inspect a computer-generated version of my unclothed body. Faiz Siddiqui: Don't Grope Me, Bro
  • Wherein we learn tearing away outer trappings of the Light merely unclothes the Light ... making the Light shine even further and all the more, even though some try to pit us and others against each other to see who gets the biggest piece of what does not matter: Jesus is stripped of his clothing and soldiers gamble for his blood-soaked garments. National Catholic Reporter
  • At this late date in the history of Victorian studies, no one is going to be surprised by a Victorian interest in the unclothed figure.
  • I tried to turn away still embarrassed at my unclothed state.
  • Thus begins a madcap quest to unclothe five unfortunate elves and regain the transportation spell!
  • He learned how to draw the unclothed human frame.
  • They see him in one role only: the stern disciplinarian driven by an unshakable belief that God and he are as one, a man so prudish he can't tolerate unclothed statuary.
  • They were both unclothed.
  • In 1854, however, the unexpected but long-desired occurred: a truly unclothed woman on a horse crashed the pageant, creating pandemonium, and suspending the pageant for a full eight years.
  • Yes, everyone's a beautiful person inside, and we're all wonderful just the way we are, but his unclothed body in a mirror directly above his head was a little unsettling.
  • Susan Dzivak—a girl that I'dworshippedwhen I was a boy, a blonde Slovak beauty, my delft-blue-eyed lover for one tick of time, grown up and unclothed in the soft, shadowed light, who whispered to me, "It's time you learned wisdom. All Of My Monsters And Beautiful Women In Dreams
  • She felt them crowd around her in a circle, felt the pressure and the heat of unclothed flesh.
  • They should unclothe the subject, weigh, listen, observe vital capacity, and take blood, urine, and fecal samples.
  • The forest had given up the struggle, and the dizzying heat recoiled from the unclothed rock. CHAPTER 3
  • Its hills may seem bleak, unclothed as they are by acres of trees, uncapped by ice, unswathed by snow.
  • Various synonyms refer specifically - often as a negative - to the absence or rather removal of clothing, such as denuded, divested, peeled, stripped, unclad, unclothed, uncovered, un - dressed and dis - or un-robed. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Under normal circumstances I would have never unclothed myself like that, but I was sure they were going to bring me special ritual clothing anyway.
  • In Greece, nude referred to the unclothed body of a man.
  • Other photographs showed unclothed prisoners shackled to their cells with hoods or women's underwear over their heads.
  • In "One-upmanship," Potter suggests that one way to even things up is to prearrange a woman with a sexy voice to telephone at a time when one is likely to be unclothed in the physician's examining room, and that one take the call sitting naked upon the physician's desk, chatting amiably away. The Success of Failure
  • I grabbed the cloak and wrapped it around my unclothed body.
  • The summer sun probably parches up the vegetation and unclothes the soil; but such is the effect of summer heat in all similar latitudes, and that spot should be considered the most valuable where the effect of solar heat can be best counteracted by natural or artificial means. An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans, by Edward John Eyre
  • He said people shopping with their children were embarrassed by the poster and many felt the unclothed Sophie wasn't suitable viewing for the festive season.
  • I love that the tables are unclothed wood and the ambiance casual. Globe and Mail
  • Stories about a wild man - often envisioned as an unclothed man, hairy and incorrigible as a beast - were widespread in medieval Europe.
  • Egyptian Mary uttered a few exclamations: "Ah, she unclothes herself! The Hidden Masterpiece
  • When the MacLachlan man was unclothed he ordered the man to walk back to his clan.

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