How To Use Truster In A Sentence

  • The truster is at risk of being let down, disillusioned, or betrayed because the truster relies on the trusted.
  • There are more trusters than doubters, but the gap is perilously close for such a high-risk war plan.
  • This is an enormous difference to an honest truster. Does Hansen's Error "Matter"? « Climate Audit
  • Do you know, when I was a little tad and couldn't sleep at night with the pain, I used to make believe I was a 'truster' and say over to myself all the nice, comforting things I wished they would say. The Primrose Ring
  • Don't ye mind the time the trusters had planned to give us all paint-boxes for Christmas, an 'half of us not able to hold a brush, let alone paint things, an' Miss Peggie blarneyed them round into givin 'us books? The Primrose Ring
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  • My point here is that being motivated by a desire to maintain a relationship (the central motivation of a trustworthy person on the encapsulated interests view) may not require one to adopt all of the interests of the truster that would actually make one trustworthy to that person. Trust
  • An automatic consequence is that the truster has no way of distinguishing good advice from bad. The God Delusion
  • Article 420 If the broker buys a commissioned article pursuant to the contract, the truster shall accept the article in a timely manner.
  • But by the time she emerged from the blizzard of documents, the trustbuster had turned into a truster. Antitrust And Common Sense
  • Article 419 If the broker buys or sells commodities at a market price, unless the truster indicates otherwise, the broker itself may serve as the buyer or the seller.
  • However, the truster need not have access to, or be aware of the reliability of, such reasons. Trust
  • If anybody in this chamber or outside has any doubt about that conclusion, then I do commend to members this so-called truster's (ph) report, the outstanding issues concerning Iraq's proscribed weapons program, which, as a member of the commission behind UNMOVIC, I've already had the privilege of reading. CNN Transcript Mar 7, 2003
  • Lipton briefly discussed the history of corporate governance, especially the role of Adolf Berle, the Columbia Law School professor, Rooseveltian "brains truster" and author, with Gardiner Means, of the book commonly accepted as the foundational text of corporate governance, "The Modern Corporation and Private Property. Robert Teitelman: An Excursion With Adolf Berle
  • When there is trust, the truster is made vulnerable, while the trusted is invested with some degree of discretionary power: he is trusted precisely over those areas for which there is not full, pre-established, contractual agreement.
  • This should make an enormous difference to a truster, as it is clear confirmation that his trust was misplaced. Does Hansen's Error "Matter"? « Climate Audit
  • I just about had an aneurysm when I read this:...eyebrows popped up last week when none other than Richard Perle , former Reagan assistant secretary of defense, former Bush brain-truster on the Defense Policy Board, and a key promoter of the war to find Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, blistered the administration as "dysfunctional..." italics in originalOh. Hullabaloo

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