1. small genus of Eurasian aquatic perennial herbs: water chestnut
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How To Use Trapa In A Sentence

  • When social mating systems were dichotomized, extrapair chicks were twice as frequent in monogamous as in polygynous species.
  • And it is the treachery of his appetite which inveigles him into the mischief, which cheats, and abuses, and by deceitful overtures trapans him into a perpetual calamity. Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. IV.
  • The Democrats treated that as a strictly intraparty issue. oboe Says: Matthew Yglesias » Trent Lott Revisited
  • Adrenal rests are usually found in the hilar region and not intraparenchymally.
  • SENATE GOP WHIP CONTEST COOLING OFF - Running tonight in Roll Call form David Drucker: "The contest for Senate Republican Whip has chilled following a backlash of rank-and-file GOP Senators, who are upset that a very public intraparty power struggle might sew discord and alienate voters in the midst of a national fiscal crisis. HUFFPOST HILL - Senate Punk-Off Continues to Escalate
  • About 70 percent of women who were unscreened and developed a risk factor did not receive intrapartum antibiotics.
  • Washington Post: In Hawaii, intraparty feud may cost Democrats a seat in Congress POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 7, 2010
  • In fact, by so doing you may impress your date even more than by an accurate pronunciation of “vongoline di aranciata trapanette a due eliche.” Saving Face
  • When I sat down to think about it, the only female voice that gets heard consistently is Gina Trapani. Women Grow Business » 2010 » May
  • During EXIT, which stands for ex-utero intrapartum therapy, the baby is delivered through an abdominal incision, but remains connected to the umbilical cord to allow the baby to maintain placental support. CCAM — Ryan
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