[ US /ˈtɹeɪtɝəs/ ]
[ UK /tɹˈe‍ɪtəɹəs/ ]
  1. having the character of, or characteristic of, a traitor
    the faithless Benedict Arnold
    a lying traitorous insurrectionist
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How To Use traitorous In A Sentence

  • Justice, had traitorously and wickedly endeavored to subvert the constitution by the introduction of an arbitrary, tyrannical government against law; that the said Jonathan Sewell had disregarded the authority of Parliament, and usurped its powers by making regulations subversive of the constitution and the laws; that Jonathan Sewell had libellously published such Rules of Practice; that Jonathan Sewell had substituted his own will for the will of the legislature; that Jonathan The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation Volume 1
  • And he had warned both Thick and the faceless servant who gripped him that they should be wary of `that stinking, traitorous dog. THE GOLDEN FOOL: BOOK TWO OF THE TAWNY MAN
  • By picture's end, Shaw has to navigate a thicket of Chinese organized crime figures, politicos and wheeler-dealers - plus his own traitorous colleagues - to save the day and, not incidentally, his own neck.
  • Only this time we will not forget or forgive either their traitorous attempts to geld the Constitution nor their aid and comfort to the enemy. Obama hasn’t been blaming Bush enough
  • So far, indeed, are the loyal persons composing this regiment from seeking to avoid the presence of their late owners, that they are now, one and all, working with remarkable industry to place themselves in a position to go in full and effective pursuit of their fugacious and traitorous proprietors. History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. Vol. 2 (of 2) Negroes as Slaves, as Soldiers, and as Citizens
  • Now that it is no longer traitorous, popular antagonism towards the Catholic church has become open.
  • a lying traitorous insurrectionist
  • Even better, he's had a reply from one of the traitorous wretches planning to vote against the Bill later today.
  • But tonight ... tonight he cursed that cruelly traitorous strand, that hoary banderole of mortality that waved so thoughtlessly from an otherwise dark temple; that skinny, silver scroll upon which was written in letters bold enough for all of nature to read, an invitation to the burial mound. La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth
  • His uncle, who had shaped his career, was the foreign intelligence chief for the confederacy, during the Civil War - a man of traitorous inclinations, shall we say?
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