How To Use Tra-la In A Sentence

  • But not before I've admired the extra-large version of your picture, and admired the way the lichen is growing in the bottoms of the incised letters. Off Duty
  • On a visit to India, Kim came up with a refrigerator with an extra-large crisper and small freezer for a nation of vegetarians.
  • What about you, Abby, extra-large hot chocolate with butterscotch syrup?
  • f, densitometry of the bands from (e), normalized to β-actin; N = normal brain, S = sham, C = contra-lateral, I = ischemic; Graph depicts the average of at least three separate experiments, and the average+ / − the S.E.M. is shown; Panel III. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • They chose a colour called bakeapple jam as the interior accent, setting off the red ochre picked to match the building's extra-large "fatboy" bricks, which were originally carried as ballast from England. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
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  • He used a cane when walking but used a special, extra-large motorized scooter whenever possible.
  • An extra-large number of pen-raised "triploid" rainbow in the 1 - to 2-pound range were purchased from a private contractor and planted this spring in many area lakes to help make up for fish lost to the Bellingham Hatchery closure. Local, Sports, Business and Entertainment News
  • But, then again, I might be rapturously anticipating my life as a sunbeam, singing tra-las to the season of mists and kissing the pates of the ludicrous.
  • Hopefully some genetic defect or other bad desease that god punished this bad bad guy with in response for all the extra-lawful motives those MAFIAA gangsters pursue via lemmings like Krichbaum and co! RIAA punishes Brittany for resisting
  • Students are normally assigned randomly to sections, but we gave students a choice as to whether they wanted in on this experiment or not; about 130 chose "in," and rather than invidiously have a small percentage not get their wishes in order to make all the sections the same size, the Deans in their infinite wisdom decided I'd just get to enjoy an extra-large group so that all 1Ls could have their first choice. A Good Omen (Herein of Torts)
  • Other easy sides include fresh green onion, sliced fresh fennel, green peppercorn mustard, and extra-large caperberries.
  • It also has a memo pad, four cup holders and a rear pullout tray with an extra-large cup holder.
  • After the warning call from his parents, Jim slipped the loaded Glock G23 into a Kydex hip holster, which he covered with an untucked, extra-large T-shirt.
  • I suppose you think I ought to be falling all over you in gladness, tra-la ? THE THORN BIRDS
  • Shift from Al to Cu interconnects in Ultra-Large Scale Integrate (ULSI) is important for semiconductor industry.
  • The extra-large clips were used and placed with a clip applier that contains 25 clips and comes individually wrapped in sterilized packs.
  • They are the only operator of these ultra-large ships, although other lines have them on order.
  • Follows the rules by wearing extra-large kecks with blackest opaques. Times, Sunday Times
  • Stores tend to specialize in specific fashion niches, such as trendy teeny-bopper gear, extra-large sizes, pet fashions and pseudo-ethnic wear.
  • The redesign also includes extra-large parking spaces, which are about eight feet wide, about a foot wider than a standard slot.
  • And then before you can say Big Mac, all of you will be shopping for elasticised trousers and extra-large T-shirts together. Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'
  • Extra-large patient gowns and blood pressure cuffs require a small investment by the hospital and should be stocked routinely.
  • Meanwhile, the French girl has had time to take in the holiday wear - the extra-large T-shirt, the shorts, the sandals with cotton socks, the incipient sunburn.
  • The other night, Rick comes home with two extra-large deep-dish meat-lover's pizzas with extra cheese.
  • Here are five things to know before you saddle up for the premiere Wednesday, 10/9c, Bravo: 1. Extra-large cast: Yes, this season will boast 29 cheftestants, but before you have a conniption trying to remember all the names and faces, know that they all won't be around for long. Is Bigger Better? 5 Things to Know About Top Chef: Texas
  • Radar happens to be over a hundred pounds of Italian Spinone, so I'm always looking for extra-large sizes for him. Charlottesville Blogs

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