How To Use Tone system In A Sentence

  • With the old touch-tone system, 75 percent of callers exited the automated system in favor of an agent.
  • We have already remarked that the current medieval theory laid down for the tone system a heptatonic diatonic scale of about two octaves with the addition of b flat in the higher octave. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss
  • He had met Arnold Schoenberg, who became his teacher, in the fall of 1904, but they had not yet begun to work out the twelve-tone system.
  • Mr Lopez said the touch-tone system had now been redesigned with only four options for callers following complaints that it was too complicated.
  • Their cell phones have an ‘i-mode’ which amounts to a glorified touch-tone system, where you can order a few things that are advertised on billboards.

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