1. having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities
    the office of a clergyman is twofold; public preaching and private influence
    a double (or dual) role for an actor
    every episode has its double and treble meaning
  2. three times as great or many
    a claim for treble (or triple) damages
    a threefold increase
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How To Use three-fold In A Sentence

  • Poorly ranked counties, such as La Salle and Livingston, had multiple challenges to overcome including: two - and three-fold higher rates of premature death, often from preventable conditions; high smoking rates that lead to cancer; heart disease; bronchitis and emphysema; high rates of obesity, which can put people at risk for diabetes; disability and heart disease; high unemployment and poverty rates and high numbers of liquor stores and fast-food outlets but few places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The Times Today's News
  • Returning to our contemplation of Christ, let us look next at two three-fold cords in the Scriptures that attest the sinlessness of Christ.
  • Within these forests, the mean number of exotic species increased nearly three-fold from 1938 to 1999, and two species not naturalized within the landscape in 1938, Lonicera morrowii and Rosa multiflora, had become widespread by 1999.
  • A key measure of risk aversion for Asian "junk-rated" credit, the iTRAXX Asia ex-Japan high-yield index, surged to a record wide of 950 basis points this month, rising three-fold this year.
  • At this time the limb bud can undergo as much as a three-fold increase in size.
  • Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake.
  • Christ as the only mediator of the new covenant is the everlasting Son of God and was foreordained by the Father for his three-fold office.
  • Based on the WGI, the researchers estimate that when governance is improved by one standard deviation, incomes rise about three-fold in the long run, and infant mortality declines by two-thirds.
  • Now the only sounds are the three-fold footfalls.
  • Using an MFT strategy could result in a 2.5 to three-fold increase in the amount of time a single drug could be used, Boni added, reducing costly surveillance methods for drug resistance.
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