[ US /ˈθɝsti/ ]
[ UK /θˈɜːsti/ ]
  1. needing moisture
    thirsty fields under a rainless sky
  2. feeling a need or desire to drink
    after playing hard the children were thirsty
  3. (usually followed by `for') extremely desirous
    thirsty for information
    athirst for knowledge
    hungry for recognition
  4. able to take in large quantities of moisture
    thirsty towels
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How To Use thirsty In A Sentence

  • They were however a bit thirsty as far as fuel was concerned due to their 4 giant 4125 kilowatt motors, and never reached production.
  • See, Stuart is like all the rest of the blood thirsty criminals in D.C., … ya seel hundreds of thousands more brown people will be killed because he's arrognt enough, he's evil enough and doggonnit Satan likes him! Franken Tells Pickens To Blow it Elsewhere « Antiwar.com Blog
  • As the student's uniforms are traded for spears and war paint, the innocent boys devolve into uncontrolled, bloodthirsty hunters and ultimately, savages intent on killing the "beast".
  • The car industry in the rustbelt is miserable. Factories making thirsty pickup trucks are cutting back or closing.
  • In places the sound of the river rises up the gravel slope, and thirsty dogs rush down for a drink and cannot reascend; should the owner go down to fetch the dog, he or she will be trapped as well.
  • Patients went hungry and thirsty and without medication and there was a lot of awful bullying of patients and relatives going on. The Sun
  • Not that he was really concerned with the horrified reaction of the less bloodthirsty.
  • That white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you are really thirsty is smarter than you will ever be. Think Progress » Obama explains climate science to global warming deniers.
  • He's quite bloodthirsty, killing anyone who disobeys him and gets in his way.
  • Bram Stoker's original story focuses on the undead Count and his mortal rival, Dr.Van Helsing, who vie for the very souls of Lucy and Mina, the two young Victorian ladies the vampire would add to his harem of bloodthirsty brides.
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