theory of evolution

  1. (biology) a scientific theory of the origin of species of plants and animals
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How To Use theory of evolution In A Sentence

  • Other's have noted these differences and taken them out of context, one going so far as to publish a news article in Al-Jazeerah titled something along of the lines of "Ardi proves Darwin wrong" (google it) – as if the idea that we got one hypothetical detail in a potential mechanism for the evolution of bipedalism wrong somehow refutes the entire Theory of Evolution. Harlan Ellison on God
  • Zachriel: Everything is consistent with Last Thursdayism, Last Tuesdayism, and any manner of omphalic claims; but the Theory of Evolution makes very specific predictions concerning empirical phenomena, including the geographic distribution of species. Behe: ID rescues Common Descent
  • Natural selection is a key element of Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • Punctuated equilibrium contradicts the previously held theory of evolutionary gradualism, and certainly raises questions about adaptation, selection and survival of the fittest.
  • The theory of evolution did not originate with Darwin.
  • This second approach relies heavily on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • In geology, the theory of evolution could explain two agreed facts that had given the scriptural view of creation a hard time.
  • Few public figures who wish to be taken seriously in any scientific discipline are still trying to discount Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection.
  • For the catastrophists, the flood that they believe filled the tar pits with carcasses in one day gainsays the theory of evolution, which they call gradualism. I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen
  • Natural selection is a key element of Darwin's theory of evolution.
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