[ UK /tˈɛtɹɐpˌɒd/ ]
  1. a vertebrate animal having four feet or legs or leglike appendages
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How To Use tetrapod In A Sentence

  • In the research described above, the old hypothesis was that the HoxD expression pattern controlling development of tetrapod limbs was an evolutionary novelty, and the HoxD expression pattern controlling actinopterygian fins was conserved. Ancestral Expression Patterns
  • * In tetrapods with two-headed ribs, the more ventral rib head contacts a facet on the vertebra known as the parapophysis (plural parapophyses), while the more dorsal rib head contacts a facet known as the diapophysis (plural diapophyses). ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part IV
  • Before tetrapods existed, vertebrates were all confined to living in aquatic habitats.
  • But the nickel disappearance is one more clue about how the planet went from suffocating to a place where a terrestrial tetrapod could take a deep breath.
  • Renewed work on the first known Devonian tetrapod, Ichthyostega, is showing that it, too, diverged from the norm— contrary to earlier preconceptions .
  • So, if the tetrapod-like expression pattern of HoxD in Polyodon is consistent with front loading, then logically, the actinopterygian-like pattern of HoxA must be inconsistent with front loading, right? Ancestral Expression Patterns
  • This provides an excellent opportunity to quantify speed in nature during different activities, which can be accomplished by measuring stride length, which in most vertebrate tetrapods, is closely linked with speed.
  • Given that a few other Eocene European tetrapods have been suggested to be particularly closely related to South American taxa (namely the ratite Palaeotis, the peradectine opossums and the supposed anteater Eurotamandua), Ameghinornis and Aenigmavis were thought to perhaps indicate that phorusrhacids had originated in Europe and later spread (via Africa) to South America (Peters & Storch 1993). Archive 2006-11-01
  • Tetrapods, whose closest living relatives are lungfish, have two main groups: amphibians and amniotes.
  • A better example than the mudskipper would be the coelacanths, or lobe-fin fish which, along with lungfish, diverged about the same time as tetrapods (as supported by genetic evidence). A Disclaimer for Behe?
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