[ US /ˈtætɝd/ ]
[ UK /tˈætəd/ ]
  1. ruined or disrupted
    a tattered remnant of its former strength
    our shattered dreams of peace and prosperity
    my torn and tattered past
  2. worn to shreds; or wearing torn or ragged clothing
    the tattered flag
    tied up in tattered brown paper
    a tattered barefoot boy
    a tatterdemalion prince
    a man in a tattered shirt
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How To Use tattered In A Sentence

  • He fled wearing only a sarong and a tattered shirt.
  • Isn't there something revolting about catering to the imagined needs of a tiny group of spoiled ladies, a Marie Antoinette–ish situation that reached its apotheosis when John Galliano showed his infamous clochard collection—the word means bum or hobo in French, and the tattered gowns, hand-stenciled to look filthy, trailed pots, pans, and other refuse—at the 1997 Dior haute couture show? Art in the Parks 3: Nan Kempner's Clothing
  • A collection of tattered men o'war and patched sloops is firing directly over the decks of the old admiral's flagship and into the area of HMS Brown.
  • There was no help for it, he had to be left there, and I went away with an anxious mind as to what his busy teeth would be employed upon all night; and, sure enough, next morning a velvet curtain was found nibbled and tattered, and being converted into a nest for the enterprising gerbille! Wild Nature Won By Kindness
  • Four teens ran down the dirt path of a town, their clothes tattered and patched, but not dirty.
  • We also decided to get our tattered, old couch reupholstered, and I doubled our annual contribution to a local conservation group.
  • The young leaves of my magnolia look tattered and some have pale spots on the surface.
  • Rich men with tailored suits knelt by poor men in tattered clothes.
  • His tattered clothing indicated a traveler and a worker, but his stately manner leaned away from both of those.
  • The space ship is cluttered with aging technology and tattered furniture - this is not the uniformly pristine and transfigured world of the typical sci-fi flick.
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