How To Use Taos In A Sentence

  • We had an exciting drive down to the Rio Grande, then a steep climb up to the mesa on the west side of Taos.
  • “So tell me Bart,” she cajoled, “What's a guy like you doing in a one-horse town like Taos?” Bacon and Eggs, 1977
  • We seemed to drift into tranquility once we reached the long plateau stretch on the high road to Taos.
  • She calls on Saturday mornings when her friend is home in Taos, New Mexico, where it's an hour earlier than in Santa Lucía. Watching Pablo Sleep
  • I was inspired by TAOS, an OS aimed at distributed systems that used a low-level virtual machine to make code portable; BeOS didn't really impress me much, but Oberon had some interesting ideas if woefully inadequate on the multiprogramming side. Snell-Pym » ARGON
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  • Now," Caleb said, clearing his throat, "you say the Cristóbal expedition came up from Santa Fe to Taos... ""Yes," Eve said quickly. ONLY YOU
  • It it required tbat ft fall account of the procett employed, with t niiii uIm of its being racceeifiillx carried into effect, to be prodnced to tiK Society on or ft» - feae the int Taosdnj in Pebruary, 1885. Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
  • This two-week workshop (in Taos, New Mexico in June), taught by 1/24/08: Death and destruction
  • The runway at Taos is ground-zero for exploring the ancient wonders of northern New Mexico
  • Rescue work continued yesterday in remote Taoshan Village, where more than 20 houses were engulfed by floods and mudflows within minutes on Wednesday.
  • Since everything was blacked out, we headed down the mountain to Taos for a restaurant dinner, and one car, having lost its oilpan to fallen rocks, didn't make it back. Archive 2007-06-01
  • Bawx is still taoster warm, kittehs frum miles arawnd are kwik to mobe in.. K. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Meyer boasts a remarkable amassment, highlighted by works from the Taos Society of Artists and the Cowboy Artists of America, that is valued in the millions and admired by art aficionados.
  • Our DSL has gone down here in Taos, and at about the same time my mailbox filled up. Connectivity issues
  • Easy Rider hellraiser Dennis Hopper and The Mamas andThe Papas singer Michelle Phillips married in Taos, N.M., on Halloween in 1970.
  • It is a good service to provide for your listeners so we don't have to pause the show find whatever your looking at and then come back. aria on August 22, 2009 3: 04 pm intro is a cover of the airman stage on rockman 2. its called airman ga taosenai, u can find lots of versions of it on nico nico douga Anime Pulse » Shows
  • They wheeled, graceful as gulls, whoever their partners-elegant, hatchet-faced dagoes in mangas, red-faced sports sodden on Taos whisky or vino, bearded miners in slouch hats and red shirts, or great clumsy buckskin brigadeers who whooped and yelled and capered like Indians. Isabelle
  • We seemed to drift into tranquility once we reached the long plateau stretch on the high road to Taos.
  • Then I drove to the nearby home of my Taos Toolbox student Oz Whiston, where she, her husband Jason, and her daughter Eloise provided an evening of pleasant company and a lovely dinner, sweet corn, new potatoes, and weisswurst. Memorial Day
  • “Ted, when you were in Taos, searching for your soul, do you recall coming across an artist friend of mine called Luger? Absolute Friends
  • Stephanie of the QuickFire troupe in Taos, New Mexico, spins up a double fire hoop inferno. | Blog | Stephanie Double Fire
  • Ray was a bagger at a Taos supermarket before his mom told him about the Corps.
  • Some residents and visitors in the small city of Taos, New Mexico, have for years been annoyed and puzzled by a mysterious and faint low-frequency hum in the desert air.
  • Sensory Crossovers" makes the opposite mistake, taking a New Mexicentric viewpoint that privileges Georgia O'Keeffe and her Stieglitzian friends (Arthur Dove, Helen Torr, Charles Demuth, Burchfield), for instance, or the Taos couple Louis Ribak and Beatrice Mandelman over equally apposite practitioners such as Fischinger and Russell. Peter Frank: Blague d'Art: Moving Pictures, Frozen Music
  • A pueblo of northern New Mexico northeast of the town of Taos. Population, 1, 030.
  • The dislocation is reduced at the hospital in Taos, but there are so many broken bones that I'll need surgery.
  • I know there's you guys, and the one in Taos is a really interesting place too. Mike Ragogna: Lighting Up and Lifting Off The Ground : Conversations With Shawn Mullins and Chely Wright
  • The city of Taos lies on the edge of the high desert in the Carson National Forest, amid squat juniper trees, prickly scrub grasses and towering evergreens.
  • DW: Well, there's definitely one in Taos that we've been hearing about for quite a long time, but I just feel like this is going to take off. Mike Ragogna: A Tiger Suit, Junip & Great Companions: Conversations with KT Tunstall, Dar Williams, and José González, plus a KT Video Exclusive
  • Michael is a non-traditional architect who has been making houses out of non-traditional materials with his rag tag team of workers for the past 30 years in Taos New Mexico. Archive 2008-04-01

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