[ UK /sˈuːpənˈə‍ʊvɐ/ ]
[ US /ˌsupɝˈnoʊvə/ ]
  1. a star that explodes and becomes extremely luminous in the process
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How To Use supernova In A Sentence

  • The crab nebula is the remnant from a supernova explosion 1054. High Energy Neutrinos from Cosmos
  • It should be clear by now that Jackson has been royally twisted by the trifecta of supernova fame, seemingly unlimited cash, and a profound loneliness - none of which he asked for.
  • The other object is SN 2007gr, which was first detected in August 2007 in the spiral galaxy NGC 1058, some 35 million light-years away it's one of the closest Ic supernovae detected in the radio waveband. GRB Central Engines Observed in Nearby Supernovae? | Universe Today
  • At least one supernova occurs per decade in our galaxy.
  • To describe her, she said, don't use the word supernova. Drive
  • For instance, the expression for star might be `bright-white-continuing", while one might think of a supernova as `radiant-splendid-dying". THE BROKEN GOD
  • A supernova explosion marks the dramatic endpoint of the life of a massive star.
  • The discovery confirms the accepted theory that type II supernovas are produced when elderly, bloated stars known as red supergiants run out of nuclear fuel and collapse.
  • The new data support earlier research by Haggerty showing that carbonado diamonds formed in stellar supernovae explosions. January 9th, 2007
  • Even though supernovas can appear as bright as galaxies when viewed with optical telescopes, this light represents only a small fraction of the energy released.
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