How To Use Spendthrift In A Sentence

  • For Germany in particular, the fear is that a shared fisc will amount to industrious countries subsidizing spendthrift ones. Brussels Brainstorms . . .
  • At eight-and-twenty, Caesar, who not thirty years later was to die master of Rome, was chiefly known as a fop and a spendthrift. Roman life in the days of Cicero
  • At the crowing of the cock, the extravagant and erring spirit (that is, the spendthrift of a defendant) whether he be drinking arrack punch at Vauxhall, champaigne at the Mount, or brandy and water at the Eccentries, must kick off his glass-slipper, and hobble back to St. George's Fields, like the lame bottle-conjuror of Le Sage. The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor, Vol. I, No. 5, May 1810
  • In this case, "borrower" is a another word for an irresponsible spendthrift with a warped sense of self-entitlement .... like the hispanic woman school bus driver in New Jersey who bought the $800,000 house – a house that us taxpayers and consumers are probably now paying to keep her in. 12 percent of borrowers helped by Obama plan
  • I am just a common old spendthrift with a teeny tiny fashion habit. Times, Sunday Times
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  • Singles boxes one through three were first issued in 1991 and are now being reissued with volumes four through six to celebrate over 20 years of spendthrift Depeche Mode completists.
  • This makes them positive spendthrifts in a country where the average price of a bottle of wine is still under £4.
  • We seem to have become a nation of late bookers and seat-of-our-pants spendthrifts, incapable even of saving for our own pensions.
  • When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal - extravagant, a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
  • Are Americans really the heavily indebted spendthrifts the world's press makes them out to be?
  • The Tories are non-starters as a party of government and the Lib Dems aspire to be more prodigal spendthrifts than Gordon Brown.
  • Working for a multinational and being the spendthrift that he is, he doesn't have the money to buy a laptop for himself, at least not a brand new laptop.
  • I voted for McGinn and the notion that he's the fiscally responsible one and Dively's a spendthrift is moronic. sister Loura McGinn’s Budget Briefing: Gloom, Doom, and Reorganization « PubliCola
  • When it comes to shopping, separate yourself from the spendthrifts in your life because the high they get from spending can be infectious and dangerous to your financial health.
  • He just wants more and more money from us without appearing to be prepared to mend his spendthrift ways. The Sun
  • The son is a gambler, a spendthrift, and a wencher, while they say the father is a villain, a miser, and a tightass. Unforseen Return
  • The spendthrift ways of provincial governments have made international lending agencies reticent to loan desperately needed cash.
  • And the Air Force career they later had didn't exactly allow them to become spendthrifts.
  • Let's hope so ...... the spendthrift is bankrupting the country. U.S. racks up debt at slower rate
  • Get tough with Republican spendthrifts in Congress by trimming the pork in spending bills for highways, energy, and agriculture while reminding them of core conservative fiscal principles.
  • He has been described as a spendthrift and gambler, and as one scarcely honest in his extravagance and gambling. Framley Parsonage
  • State coffers will soon be refilling (even though not enough to make up for California's 38-billion dollar spendthrift ways).
  • Now that I've isolated the spendthrifts, please understand that I'm not making an argument for this record's kitsch value.
  • His greatest patron was a spendthrift young king who built too many castles and may have been nuts.
  • Natural selection designed us to be spendthrifts.
  • The interest of 6,000 pounds invested in the Bank of England was flocci nauci to the voluptuous spendthrift, Gabriel Varney. Lucretia — Complete
  • But the fact that your son is a squanderer and spendthrift does not prevent his inheritance from you.
  • Contrary to the popular myth, women are not reckless spendthrifts.
  • (the virtue whose opposite is "improvidence" or being a spendthrift) as not real virtues at all because they benefit only their possessor. Virtue Ethics
  • Government to pull the reins on 'spendthrift' ministers - Articles related to Reliance Infratel IPO gets Sebi nod
  • To give such serial spendthrifts the power of the Inland Revenue, to tax residents on the basis of their incomes, would be a dangerous move.
  • If the Tories are seeking to portray Mr Brown as a spendthrift, they are almost certain to fail.
  • His spendthrift ways will cost us all dearly. The Sun
  • He is a passionate defender of the noble art of genre film-making, something he feels was ruined by spendthrift Hollywood studios.
  • As I pass through the Customs I know I am in a new country: The colours and emblems are different; the civility - your candid, fair-spoken civility - is different; you are not as spendthrift as we - that is the Scotch in you - and you seem so much more intent on obeying the law. Books and Canada
  • Today's gleaners are a disparate bunch: artists and activists, spendthrifts and street kids.
  • They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society.
  • Mozart might not have been the spendthrift hellion portrayed in the 1984 film Amadeus, but he could play the piano blindfolded, loved wooing women and wrote bawdy letters.
  • Unless, of course, they belong to the new breed of football fan increasingly incubated by the Premier League, specimens who demand that their club be bought by a spendthrift gazillionaire who thinks that balancing books is some sort of primitive kids 'diversion like skipping ropes or hucklebones. Blackburn's prospective owners arrive with promise of financial prudence
  • The original reading is, not a _spendthrift's_ sigh, but a _spendthrift_ sigh; a _sigh_ that makes an unnecessary waste of the vital flame. Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies
  • Bank of England was flocci nauci to the voluptuous spendthrift, Gabriel Lucretia — Volume 06
  • There was a certain frankness about him that pleased, and though he might be spendthrift and heedless, and colossally selfish, Richard felt a genuine affection for him. The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century
  • How long will emerging economies continue to finance America's spendthrift habits?
  • So there grew up three sorts of people, called the thrifty, the spendthrifts, and the misers. Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks
  • You see, by taking the trust fund surplus - almost $151 billion in the last fiscal year - away from those wanton spendthrifts in Congress, the administration will enforce that discipline.
  • This put the family friend in a position to control future distributions of income from the LLC, an important layer of protection against the improvidence of spendthrift heirs.
  • The greater aristocracy built up their estates, often in several counties, and protected them from the follies of spendthrift heirs by the entail or strict settlement.
  • This is Jacobean comedy at its documentary best: a salty, vivid report on the eternal clash between the puritan ethic and spendthrift snobbery.
  • Love your neighbor signifies assist your neighbor, but not — enjoy his conversation with pleasure, if he be tiresome; confide to him your secrets, if he be a tattler; or lend him your money, if he be a spendthrift. A Philosophical Dictionary
  • Suddenly I could appreciate the position of all those slinking spendthrifts I had rented from over the years.
  • This is an undeclared tax on all users of the currency, which is being used to punish the prudent and enrich the spendthrift. Times, Sunday Times
  • He watched the yellow cabs sink into soulful dusk, that particular spendthrift light that falls dyingly on Park Avenue in the hour before people take leave of the office and become husbands and wives again, or whatever people become in whatever murmurous words when evenings grow swift and whispered. Underworld
  • So even though the Japanese and other Asians have been "good boys, working and saving," the coming slump could hit them even harder than the "spendthrift" Americans. ‘This Makes No Sense’
  • [1894] Padua in Italy they have a stone called the stone of turpitude, near the senate-house, where spendthrifts, and such as disclaim non-payment of debts, do sit with their hinder parts bare, that by that note of disgrace others may be terrified from all such vain expense, or borrowing more than they can tell how to pay. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • Yesterday, I asked my man-servant to bring forth the telephone-device, so that I could give my idiot spendthrift son a stern dressing-down.
  • This is a president who's the biggest spendthrift that I've seen since I've been paying attention in politics.
  • Don't go down in history as a spendthrift, who threw away the country's wealth and squandered the opportunity to truly develop our nation.
  • He is also undutiful to me, besides being a spendthrift and squanderer.
  • But she has no intention of changing her spendthrift ways. The Sun
  • Group of pictures takes a look at the lattice army gang of this spendthrift!
  • In 1942, he already had a reputation as a spendthrift and a playboy, misbehaving in Brazil and frittering away the budget for another unfinished film.
  • South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun has been described as a spendthrift "socialist" by the head of emerging markets at Goldman Sachs. THE NEW STRONGMEN
  • To start with, his popular reputation as a careless spendthrift is untrue. What do financial records tell us about authors?
  • And only the rich and the spendthrift could afford to sleep here - or so I had thought.
  • He suddenly HAD recalled the spendthrift Delatour perfectly, and as quickly regretted now that he had not doubled the honorarium he had just sent to his portionless daughter. A Sappho of Green Springs
  • There he began writing polemical articles “in profusion,” the biographer Richard Wightman Fox reports, in part to support his mother, who lived with him, and a spendthrift older brother. A Man for All Reasons
  • You cannot expect people to feather-bed these public sector employees while being robbed blind by spendthrift councils and Government taxes.
  • Recovering alcoholics shouldn't frequent bars nor should spendthrifts frequent mails.
  • If so, it is probably time for your spendthrift son or daughter to learn the value of money and get a job. Times, Sunday Times
  • A prize draw aimed at compulsive spendthrifts has been run by a Chilean bank.
  • Free access to additional borrowings can make life easy for those who manage their money sensibly, but prove a disaster for spendthrifts.
  • America's spendthrift ways are a third given. Times, Sunday Times
  • Both are blamed by the Greeks for stopping their spendthrift ways and imposing belt-tightening instead. Times, Sunday Times
  • I will say nothing of those prodigious prodigals, perdendae pecuniae, genitos, as he [1885] taxed Anthony, Qui patrimonium sine ulla fori calumnia amittunt, saith [1886] Cyprian, and [1887] mad sybaritical spendthrifts, Anatomy of Melancholy
  • When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal - extravagant, a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
  • If you are a spendthrift before retiring you will be a spendthrift during retirement.
  • Its consumers have been key engines of global growth, continuing their spendthrift ways even when the rest of the world turned miserly.
  • He watched the yellow cabs sink into soulful dusk, that particular spendthrift light that falls dyingly on Park Avenue in the hour before people take leave of the office and become husbands and wives again, or whatever people become in whatever murmurous words when evenings grow swift and whispered. Underworld

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