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[ US /ˈspɛndˌθɹɪft/ ]
[ UK /spˈɛndθɹɪft/ ]
  1. someone who spends money prodigally
  1. recklessly wasteful
    prodigal in their expenditures
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How To Use spendthrift In A Sentence

  • For Germany in particular, the fear is that a shared fisc will amount to industrious countries subsidizing spendthrift ones. Brussels Brainstorms . . .
  • At eight-and-twenty, Caesar, who not thirty years later was to die master of Rome, was chiefly known as a fop and a spendthrift. Roman life in the days of Cicero
  • At the crowing of the cock, the extravagant and erring spirit (that is, the spendthrift of a defendant) whether he be drinking arrack punch at Vauxhall, champaigne at the Mount, or brandy and water at the Eccentries, must kick off his glass-slipper, and hobble back to St. George's Fields, like the lame bottle-conjuror of Le Sage. The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor, Vol. I, No. 5, May 1810
  • In this case, "borrower" is a another word for an irresponsible spendthrift with a warped sense of self-entitlement .... like the hispanic woman school bus driver in New Jersey who bought the $800,000 house – a house that us taxpayers and consumers are probably now paying to keep her in. 12 percent of borrowers helped by Obama plan
  • I am just a common old spendthrift with a teeny tiny fashion habit. Times, Sunday Times
  • Singles boxes one through three were first issued in 1991 and are now being reissued with volumes four through six to celebrate over 20 years of spendthrift Depeche Mode completists.
  • This makes them positive spendthrifts in a country where the average price of a bottle of wine is still under £4.
  • We seem to have become a nation of late bookers and seat-of-our-pants spendthrifts, incapable even of saving for our own pensions.
  • When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal - extravagant, a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
  • Are Americans really the heavily indebted spendthrifts the world's press makes them out to be?
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